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  1. kyle97futter

    External keybord

    Is the external keybord that apple makes woth buying or is there other better options
  2. kyle97futter

    Ipad case

    Just got an ipad 2 and after i found out how easily the back of my ipod touch gets scratched i want to buy a case but i uave no idea which ones are good and bad so can someone please give some advice. Oh and please dont recomend the cover that apple makes i want something that protects the whole...
  3. kyle97futter

    Good ipad apps

    Just got my ipad 2 and i want to download some co apps but i have no idea where to start. I know how to use the app store because i have an ipod touch but half the apps that i have on mi ipod i cant get on mi ipad. Thanks for your help
  4. kyle97futter

    Good ipad 2 case brands

    Hi can someone please tell me the names of some good case brands for the ipad 2
  5. kyle97futter

    Cracked Ipad Screen

    You should just go to where you bought your ipad and ask them if they can do anything it they will probably have to send it in to be repared so it might take a coupple of weeks to get it fixed
  6. kyle97futter

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    You can split the keybord by holding in a button on the bottom right it will come up with 2 options undock os split keybord click on split keybord and the keybord will split
  7. kyle97futter

    Ipad case

    I just bought an ipad 2 and after i found out how easaly my ipod gets scratched i want to buy a case for my ipad but i have no idea which ones are good and bad can someone please help ( oh and please done recomend the cover that apple makes i want a case that protects the whole ipad not just the...
  8. kyle97futter

    Ios 5 keybord

    I Herd mi friend talking about a new funktion on the keybord with ios 5 but i dont know what he is talking about. Can someone please explain
  9. kyle97futter

    Jail break an ipad

    Just got an ipad 2 and im not exacty sure what would happen if it is jailbroken can some 1 please explain and is it worth it
  10. kyle97futter

    Can u use face time with 3g on an ipad 2

    I got the ipad 2 for the 3g and face time but i thaught u could use facetime with 3g. Should i get mi ipad checked or cant you use facetime with 3g
  11. kyle97futter

    How long does it take to update an ipad 2 to ios 5

    When i updated my ipod touch it took almost 7 hours will it take as long when i update my ipad
  12. kyle97futter

    Does the ipad 2 come with ios 5 already installed

    Im getting an ipad 2 in a couple of days and i wantto know if it will come wiht ios5 already installed