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  1. SaberOne

    PDF on IPad

    I have both Goodreader and PDF Expert. While Goodreader displays very nicely I find PDF Expert to be more useable. I have a hell of a time navigating Goodreaders' menu options so perhaps it's just me.
  2. SaberOne

    For all IPad 2 users

    8 and that's a stretch. I really wasn't going to jump on this thing' until the dash-3 but for an international trip it's great. I'm currently in Italy as I type using wifi. I don't really see a need to purchase a local sim for 3g but its easy enough to do. Keeps me in touch with my bills...
  3. SaberOne

    Landscape weather widget

    To select 12/24h go to: Settings/General/Date & Time
  4. SaberOne

    Eye fatigue

    Be it age or whatever, the iPad2 is a tad fuzzy. Not sure of any solution so I'm just hang with it until the new one arrives with marked improvement.
  5. SaberOne

    Don't hate me but I'm selling my iPad.

    Although I believe the iPad will eventually replace the laptop, it isn't there yet. I'm currently in Italy using the pad on holiday and it is very handy. Great for keeping an eye on my bank accounts, paying bills and travel plans. Also nice to listen to music, convert money, read the news and...
  6. SaberOne

    ipad 2 case reccomendations?

    I have a Vaja Agenda in a custom color of green with red interior. It certainly looks good albeit the uber high price. It's the cleanest design of it's type/design and if you opt for the quick ship 'black' leather it's considerably less. The only downside is that sleep/magnet doesn't really work...
  7. SaberOne

    Using iPhone charger on iPad???

    I certainly do and I use the iPhone charger to charge my iPad2, especially at night.
  8. SaberOne

    New iPad2 user

    If all you do is play games then it doesn’t matter. However, if you track any money or personal information or place on-line orders, then I would highly recommend 1Password by:
  9. SaberOne

    New Arrival Louis Vuitton iPad Case

    I have the Vaja Agenda case with custom colors. With shipping it ran $250 and I actually like it. The colors are not as bright as the website but it still looks fantastic. I'll buy another one when the iPad3 comes to market.
  10. SaberOne

    Looking for a folio case that provides complete coverage. Any suggestions?

    I opted for the Vaja Agenda case with custom colors. The quality is very good but the sleep function dosen't work as the leather is too thick. Keeps clicking on/off but I still like the case albeit the price.
  11. SaberOne

    Can't connect to itunes store?

    I read somewhere the store was down earlier today for maintenance so perhaps that was it. Seems to be up and running right now, so maybe you're good at this point.
  12. SaberOne

    Swype Comes To iOS With iSwype Beta Cydia Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad?

    It appeared that about 85-percent of the words were wrong so I'll pass on the download. However, if iOS5 integration makes it work, then great!
  13. SaberOne

    How do you back up your media?

    Well, on my MacPro I use an internal live back-up and an external live back-up as well as a Time Machine together with iDisk and Drop Box. Now, once the iCloud is fully deployed, that could change everything.
  14. SaberOne

    how many GB??

    Another full-tilt 64g3 here as well. I could have easily got away with a 32 although the differential price made the 64 more logical. I plan on upgrading as often as I can afford it, so someone in my circle wins.
  15. SaberOne

    iPad HD instead of iPad 3

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. I suppose it's easier to field an HD version so as to not step too hard on the toes of all the iPad2 folks. Damit anyway! I just bought the '2' so my GF will likely be the real winner if thing' comes out this year.
  16. SaberOne

    Four more sleeps to go...

    Yeah, I was sorta like that way back when mine arrived about a week ago. Then came the add-on's, case, back-up battery, etc. Now I'm already treating it like yesterday's news while wishing it could do more stuff.
  17. SaberOne

    iPad 3 MockUp Shows 3D Amoled Display

    Well, the design certainly falls within the vision of the future. We already have borderless and micro-thin HDTV sets so this is a logical evolution. I also believe that Apple will come up with some clever way to scale the icons out of the way based on how you hold the device. Likewise, if it is...
  18. SaberOne

    Bing Gets Updated With Ingenious New Lasso Search Feature

    I love how the app is structured and the weather features alone is reason enough to have it. It’s fast, accurate and presents the information in F/C. I’m considering to delete my other weather apps. The other features are also well integrated. The only real weak spot is it’s pithy voice...
  19. SaberOne

    Analyst Predicts Apple Will Launch “iPad 2 Plus†Later This Year

    Well, at least this story sounds a lot more realistic than an iPad3 in this calendar year. I do understand why Apple wants to do 'something' in response to the Samsung offering.
  20. SaberOne

    Is Apple Planning to Launch iPad 3 with 2560X1920 Display This Year?

    Well, the Samsung commercials are really starting to ramp up, so maybe Apple's hand will be forced.
  21. SaberOne

    Ipad ran over by car

    Apple has been very good about replacing the iPad for a broken screen. :D
  22. SaberOne

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Currently a MacPro,MacBook Pro, and iPad2. Owned many Apple products since 1984 (yes, I'm old).
  23. SaberOne

    What does E mean instead of 3G?

    If you manage to hit 'o' than you can use the iPad's glossy display to send reflected light signals.
  24. SaberOne

    Gmail. Causing problems can anyone help

    If I understand correctly… On the Mac select Mail/Accounts and see the mail account on the left column and highlight the one you want deleted. Go to the bottom and click the minus (-) button and you’re done. Then start over with the correct account you want to configure. Ok, on the iPad select...
  25. SaberOne

    Email sync problems

    Example: MobileMe and a Mac. iPad: Check Settings/Mail.../Account/Apply I.D./Password. Mac: Check Mail/Preferences/Accounts (ensure MobileMe is in the left list of choices) proceed to: Description (enter MobileMe)/Email Address: (enter your email address. Go to Accounts/General/Check for new...
  26. SaberOne

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    While my iPad2 list keeps growing as it did with my iPhone, it remains rather lean in comparison (<20). I seldom used many of those initial iPhone purchases and I'm hoping not to make the same mistake. As it is, if I don't use an app after 3-weeks (aside from travel apps) I'm inclined to remove...
  27. SaberOne

    Stupid Question? Is screen burn in a concern?

    Your iPad will be thoroughly obsolete long before the screen becomes an issue. In contrast, you’re much more likely to drop and smash the screen on most any day of the week.
  28. SaberOne

    What will ipad be

    That's the plan and I believe it will happen a lot sooner than many think.
  29. SaberOne

    Another great ipad 2 Case!

    Nice I ordered a designer case and that was a mistake. Got hung-up on being different and stylish. I may end up with one of these if mine doesn't arrive in time for my Euro trip. Thanks for the tip.
  30. SaberOne

    iPad 2 or Macbook Pro??

    I still have the original MBP but it’s totally worthless these days’. Oh, I still have a need for my super MacPro tower as I’ve been scanning historical documents for years. Notwithstanding, this will be my last computer, as products like the iPad and the cloud will make them obsolete. I figure...
  31. SaberOne

    Taking video or photos in sun light..

    Not a clue but I wonder it the display light sensor is not the cause. Maybe its normal.
  32. SaberOne

    Notifications...badges and alerts

    “Badges… Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!â€
  33. SaberOne

    surprise behaviour (Skype)

    Well, that sounds perfectly Skype to me. Hopefully, Microsoft will dump some serious money in to it and make it work better.
  34. SaberOne

    iPad registration

    It's not my thing' but I can't see any reason why not, unless you have some weird warranty issue.
  35. SaberOne

    ipad 2 case reccomendations?

    Well, I may be the wrong person to ask but I do regret the one I ordered. There’s good enough and then there’s ludicrous. Guess which one I went with. Anyway, I do like the notebook style and it seems to be the most popular. I figure if it’s good enough for news correspondents, then its likely...
  36. SaberOne

    iPad in the shower :)

    'graywolf' you have far too much time on your hands. :D
  37. SaberOne

    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    Crystal Ball... In my view it seems very possible but strategically not so good. The iPhone5 will come with the usual set of initial quarks, and if there are any issues with the iPad3; that could create another public relations nightmare. Remember Antenna Gate and the $29.00 thong? Besides...