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  1. Viscus

    How to tell if your Ipad mini has water damage?

    If i'm not mistaken, all iPhones and iPads have a water damage indicator in the either the lighting port or headphone jack. If it comes in contact with water, it will turn red. I also agree with giradman opinion, he said true that why you would want to buy damaged iPads..
  2. Viscus

    Super mini speakers

    There are so many brands are available but if you want quality than you have to spend money. It would be costly.
  3. Viscus

    Can you get back data from a deleted app??

    Yes, i also agreed with the giradman views. If app was synced with your computer than only you can retrieve all the data.
  4. Viscus


    Thanks to all for heartily Welcome...:)
  5. Viscus


    Hi guys, I m newbie here, Molly! Belong to mobile development Company. My motive to join here is to know more about iPad, iPhone development.