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    IOS 8.1.2 music problem

    Well, I'll see how I get on. If I do manege to fix the problem, it'll be thanks to the efforts of people like yourself who are willing to pass on advice, for which please accept my thanks.
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    IOS 8.1.2 music problem

    Hi Twerppoet, thanks for your respomse. Most of my music is ripped from CD onto iTunes. I then dragged particular tracks I wanted onto my iPad. Everything worked perfectly, from iPad 1 to iPad Air until the upgrade to IOS 8.1.2. I've also upgraded iTunes to the latest version (which I also think...
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    IOS 8.1.2 music problem

    i contacted Apple support to address a wifi issue (wifi dropping) with my iPad Air. They recommended upgrading to IOS 8.1.2. This I did, reluctantly, as I've always found unwanted side effects. Lo, and behold, I've got one (so far). The Music app, which came pre-installed, is mixing up my music...
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    Keeping some apps on old iPad

    Thanks, Twerppoet. I've now deleted the cloud account from the iPad1. It has also deleted all the Pages & Numbers sheets from that iPad, but that doesn't matter. I don't consciously use iCloud,but obviously was using it anyway. This is a big help. I'll be more aware now. Desmac
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    Keeping some apps on old iPad

    I now have an iPad air which comes with Numbers, Pages, etc free. I want to pass my old iPad 1 to my wife with the paid versions of Numbers of Pages, etc. When I change a file on Numbers on my iPad air it changes the same file on the iPad 1, but also makes that file inaccessible on the old iPad...
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    Music in Songs, Not Showing under Artist

    Thanks juuj, I sync'd and it fixed my problem. I try to avoid syncing with I tunes as I find that undesired side effects have occured in the past.
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    Music in Songs, Not Showing under Artist

    I should have added to the above post that I have an iPad 1' 32GB wifi running IOS 5.0.
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    Music in Songs, Not Showing under Artist

    I have many tunes in My IPad 1 Music which appear, and can be played, in the Songs tab, but do not appear in the Artist tab. They do appear in the Albums tab. How can I make them appear in the Artists tab? They show the Artist's name in the Artist column in iTunes on my PC. TIA
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    "An error occured while backing up (-50) on attempted ios5 upgrade. Help!

    Same problem. synced ipad, backed up via itunes. installed IO5. Restore has not restored any of my documents; Pages, Numbers, Notes etc, - all gone. I keep getting the (-50) error message. Does Itunes back these docs anywhere during a sync? I'm clutching here.
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    Please help an iTunes novice about purchased media

    I've sync'd my ipad. The music I bough through itunes and kindle did not copy to my PC. I want to load the Numbers app onto my ipad. It won't load direct to the ipad, requiring me to download it to itunes. numbers won't transfer to my ipad as the Os requires to be upgraded first. I can't upgrade...
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    Downloading and adding to iTunes w/o computer...

    I copied my MP3 music collection to itunes, and copied it to my ipad. I've only bought about a dozen songs from itunes. Ipad 1, no jailbreak.
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    Dock & Speakers

    thanks for your reply Pocobear. I've noy got thr Philips Fidelio DS8550. It seems to do what I want. A little bit of crackle at high bass volumes, but otherwise I'm pleased. Desmac
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    Dock & Speakers

    I'm looking to get a an ipad dock with speakers. I've been considering the Philips Fidelio range, DS 8550 ,the DS7700 or DS3500. I've also looked at the JBL Onbeat. I would like a decent sound, with a dock that can recharge my ipad. does anyone have any of these gagets, or recommend another one...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Problem opening Word doc I've tried to open a word doc using Goodreader, but it reports 'the file format is invalid'. Is there a setting or something I can tweak to allow it to open? I'm sure Goodreader should open doc files.
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    Solitaire coincidence?

    You're right, folks, it wiggles so I guess it's a download. It's Solitaire Ace by Totally Wicked. It still seems to produce almost nothing but red cards though.
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    Solitaire coincidence?

    Mmm.. I don't remember downloading it, but there are more and more things I don't remember.
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    Solitaire coincidence?

    Playing the solitaire game that comes with the ipad (klondike 3). When I turn the three cards over, the top card is invairably red. Since I noticed this I've checked. In six games, only 5 cards were black. How can this be? Has anyone else sxperienced this?
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    Lego harry potter year 1-4: potions. Help!

    I'm having a similar problem with the second ingredient - It keeps reappearing after being put into the cauldron
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Probably not. The gadget is great, but the restrictions placed on it are a pain. I don't like to be in a situation where someone denies me things 'in my own interest' or so I'm led to believe. I like to tinker & make my own mistakes.
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    YouTube App - Can't see the TV shows ??

    You Tube Does this mean that an 'offending' you tube file simply doesn't appear on an ipad? There's not even an entry saying that it exists, but you can't watch it? If so, you would never know that it existed in the first place. A PC will be required to check you tube to even know there was...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    What can I use it for? I've been given a wifi ipad for Christmas. I think it's a great device, but I'm somewhat bemused as to what I can use it for. I thought thai was a web browsing device, but the lack of flash makes that experience less than satisfactory. I can't use it for work as there is...
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    Itunes using Paypal

    You've got me worried now. I'm an ipad (apple) newcomer, and have been buying from the appstore. Is it suffering the same fraud as itunes? Ifs, how do I remove my payment details? I hanen' bought anything from itunes.
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    deleting bookmarks

    I don't seem to have Bookmarks under the bookmark icon, only history. No edit button. I'm trying to delete Items on the bookmark bar.
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    New to Apple Hello folks, I received an I-pad for Christmas and I like it. I have never used an Apple device before (PC user with WM mobile) but I'm open minded (I think) and happy to learn. I hope you'll bear with me and my rookie questions.