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  1. Stone10

    Mystery manor high level gifts

    I will go for coconuts. What's the opinion of next person?
  2. Stone10

    Short and simple review.

    Great review with short description. I am very pleased to use my ipad 32GB. I always stay tuned with my ipad. Because its gives me great pleasure and much enjoyment. Also i am giving 5/5 to my ipad.
  3. Stone10

    Diabetic exercise programs

    Its a nice idea. Training a dog and getting good exercise, really very cool. I am telling about a good exercise for diabetes patients. Cycling is the great exercise for diabetes patients. Its also a good way of recreation.
  4. Stone10

    FREE video converters

    I think Handbreak is perfect for me. Because i am an user of Windows. Now i am going to download the free video converter. Thanks for sharing the links for downloading these free video converters.
  5. Stone10

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I like to use my iPad for gaming, watching movies, surfing on internet and reading eBooks. Also its very good to use as my mini notebook.
  6. Stone10

    Dan2 introduction

    Welcome my friend. I like your favorite things and my likes are similar with you. Also i like traveling and learning about new matters. Also my other hobbies are gardening, kiting, biking and operating my iPad 3G.
  7. Stone10

    Which Is The Best Drawing App For iPad?

    I think Dropbox and Adobe Ideas are the best apps for drawing on iPad.
  8. Stone10

    Microsoft Office for iPad Set for November 10th Release Date

    Wow!!!! its a great news. I am waiting for November 10 to use Microsoft office on my iPad. Thanks for sharing this awesome news with us.
  9. Stone10

    Health and Mobile devices

    Yes, Its true that people can be effected by various diseases using mobile. These diseases may be headache, hearing problem even cancer. But now a days mobile is essential for our daily life. So, we need it much than avoiding diseases.
  10. Stone10

    Deleting magazines from IPad

    I think your instruction is absolutely right. I have tried this instruction and removed magazines from my iPad successfully. It really works. Thanks a lot.
  11. Stone10

    Best Desktop Access App

    You can use D-Link’s Xtreme N® Dual Band USB Adapter (DWA-160). Its the great app for Desktop Access. It can give you a better service.
  12. Stone10

    Note taking app and scan handouts

    Yes, I know about some note taking apps for notebook which are appropriate with your requirements i think so. These are Evernote, Simplenote and Springpad.
  13. Stone10

    Which would be best...

    You can use this version "Apple TV MD199LL/A"[Newest Version]. I am telling you to use this version because its cheaper than other versions of Apple TV and i think it can fulfill your all requirements.
  14. Stone10

    Google Says 3D Maps Will be on iOS

    I am waiting for Googles 3D Maps on IOS. I think if Googles 3D Maps are come on IOS then the map will be more realistic and easy to find locations. So, really its a great news. Thanks for this news.
  15. Stone10

    iPad beer!

    Ha Ha, What a funny video!!!!! pouring beer in glass from iPad, People drinking beer from iPad, these are really very funny. I am giving you 10/10 for this enjoyable video. Thanks :)
  16. Stone10

    Trade show apps?

    I am telling some name of apps which are better for trade shows. These are bCards Pro, Popplet, Dropbox. I think these apps can give you a better service and better results for your trade show.
  17. Stone10

    Recommend some iPad apps for kids

    Really these apps are great for kids. But i prefer much the app Math Easy HD which is paid but very very useful for kids who are learning math. Also the apps Happy Connect and Math Color HD is too good for preschool kids. Thanks for introducing these great apps.
  18. Stone10

    Ipad as communication aid

    I think Soundjaw is the nice app to increase the volume of my iPad enough. I don't need to make my iPad much loud but it should be enough to me. Also the price of this app is very reasonable. So, i want to try Soundjaw. Thanks for your information.
  19. Stone10

    Good email app

    Google mail is good. Also GoodReader is the great app i think so. Some are uses dropbox but i did not use it yet. But who have used it they are very pleased to use dropbox. Now its your choice that which one you will prefer much google mail, GoodReader or Dropbox.
  20. Stone10

    Problems with video player on ipad2

    Also i have the same problem, i have followed all the steps, But still now there is no progress in my video player. What should i do now. Please help me about it.
  21. Stone10

    How many GB is your iPad?

    My iPad is 32 GB with 3G connectivity.
  22. Stone10

    Issues With New iPad’s 3G Connection Now Surfacing

    Also i am suffering from this problem. So, how the the iPad users can overcome from this connectivity problem? Is there any solution of this problem? If the US people become connected by 4G LTE connection then can they use iPad without any suffering?
  23. Stone10

    Hi guys, I am new here and wanna introduce myself

    Hi, I am Stone, the new member of this forum. I am interested about knowing the latest information's about iPad and also want to share my views about iPad with all of you. Thanks Stone