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  1. Paul_Impola

    Favorite Ipad Browser

    That is definitely possible. I have several different browsers on my iPad 4, including Safari and Chrome. I often have two different browsers open at the same time, and switch back and forth between them.
  2. Paul_Impola

    Favorite Ipad Browser

    I use Safari most of the time, and Photon for those increasingly rare websites that will not function properly without Flash.
  3. Paul_Impola

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I have 295 on a 32GB 4th-generation iPad. Eek! I gotta start weeding out the ones I don't use... Which is most of them.
  4. Paul_Impola

    New to iPad but not to Apple

    Hi. I just bought myself an iPad for Xmas. It's the full-size one, a 4th-generation model with 32GB and WiFi only. I have been using Mac computers as my personal machines since 1996. Currently I have a seldom-used eMac and an aging but still dependable MacBook Pro. A few years back, I got...