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  1. jerseymaggie

    iCloud storage

    Can someone explain something to me? Do I need to back up ALL of my apps to iCloud storage? I keep getting a message that my iPad & iPhone can't be backed up because I don't have enough storage space. I am considering changing some to no backup but not sure what long term effects that has...
  2. jerseymaggie

    I am looking for a day planner app

    I'm sorry, I didn't see this post til today. Enjoying the last couple of weeks before school starts for the kids. I used to be a faithful Franklin user but it had fallen by the wayside as my current job doesn't require i use one, however, I have always felt totally organized using one so I...
  3. jerseymaggie

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Me too! Thinking about getting him the 3 for Christmas. We have kids so the the 1 will get some use!
  4. jerseymaggie

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Me too!!!! So worth it, love my new 3!
  5. jerseymaggie

    Moving music within a playlist

    Help!!! I am going crazy. Trying to reorder the songs on my new iPad (3) and I can't ge the songs to stay in the order I want. This doesn't seem to be a problem on my iPhone. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. jerseymaggie

    Refurb vs. New

    Last year when we purchased it, I believe it was about 529.00 for the 64 gig.
  7. jerseymaggie

    Refurb vs. New

    I can attest to refurb Apple products as well. I purchased my iphone 4 refurb through AT&T in 06/2011, no issues whatsoever and it looked brand new. My husband was impressed so we bought a refurb for him as well the next month. Both phones still work incredibly well and still look brand new...
  8. jerseymaggie

    I am looking for a day planner app

    I recently discovered Opus Domini. If you've used a Franklin Planner, this app reminds me so much of that system. I have been using it for a few days now and love it. Maggie
  9. jerseymaggie

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Add me to this list. I got my new iPad at Best Buy on the day they hit the stores. Funny story. I get to Best Buy after work to purchase and the woman before me gets the LAST black, 32 gig WIFI only. I was so disappointed but called my closest Apple store (30 mins away). The girl who...
  10. jerseymaggie

    Smart covers?

    No I haven't. I previously owned an iPad 1 so no smart cover for that one. Granted I have only had this cover for 1 week, but I couldn't be more pleased. My iPad gets constant use and is in and out of my purse all day. I can't complain about the quality and for the price, if I get a year or...
  11. jerseymaggie

    Smart covers?

    Absolutely! Slim Magnetic Smart Cover Case For Apple New iPad 3, 2(Orange) | eBay Great service & cover works perfectly.
  12. jerseymaggie

    Smart covers?

    Just wanted to post my thoughts as I just got one from eBay. I got a generic smart cover from eBay a few days ago in red. Works FANTASTIC. Be careful, some of the ones on eBay don't work on the new iPad. I had a friend who ordered from a different eBay seller and got one that doesn't sleep or...
  13. jerseymaggie

    Hide previos app store puchases!

    To unhide a previously hidden item press to choose the Featured tab, scroll down and press the button labelled with your Apple ID. Then press View Account from the popup menu. Choose Hidden Purchases from the iTunes in the Cloud heading. Press the Unhide button to make an app visible in the...
  14. jerseymaggie

    Hide previos app store puchases!

    Hide previous app store puchases! Hey everyone! I remember this subject coming up about your device storing all the app purchases that have been made on your device. Well just today, I read on AppAdvice that you can now hide those purchases (I found them annoying). On the iPhone: First, go...
  15. jerseymaggie

    How many of you bring your ipad to work to use on lunch and breaks?

    Me too!! Use it at breaks & lunch daily.
  16. jerseymaggie

    Texting from iPad 1

    Probably my most favorite feature on my iPad for ios 5!
  17. jerseymaggie

    Is an address book app?

    Not crazy about the layout and password protection is a plus for me.
  18. jerseymaggie

    Is an address book app?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is an app anyone is using that is a dedicated address book? I'm looking for something that I can add addresses with perhaps some password protection. I have searched high & low but haven't found anything I like. Thanks!
  19. jerseymaggie

    Online movies

    Thanks for the reply. Was hoping that something had changed with Amazon. Oh well, perhaps some day soon. Thanks Kay! Maggie
  20. jerseymaggie

    iTunes gift card question

    I was about to state the same thing. I believe that to initially set up your account you need a credit card but once you add a gift card you can delete your credit card info. I have not had a credit card on my account in a few years. Maggie
  21. jerseymaggie

    Online movies

    Kay Kay Kay, Have you streamed movies through Amazon? I was considering dropping netflix for Amazon Prime but I did some quick research and thought i read movies from Amazon's website were not compatible with the iPad. Can you let me know? Thanks, Maggie
  22. jerseymaggie

    is my employer allowed to track my company issued iPad2?

    I work for the federal government and I think this policy is relevant even in the private sector: "When using government systems & equipment there should be NO expectation of privacy". I agree with most posts here, unless it's your own personal iPad (or laptop, etc), I don't think there is...
  23. jerseymaggie

    iPad 2 Screen Protectors....Any suggestions???

    Just my opinion of course, but I always use a screen protector. I have a 4 & 8 year old and I worry about them using my iPad as well as my iPhone and I wear jewelry, have long fingernails, etc. I have used screen protectors on my apple products. I LOVE the anti glare ones. I have used the...
  24. jerseymaggie

    Enabling "Secret" Multitasking Gestures on the iPad 1

    Would you have to make this change each time you upgrade to a new iOS? Thanks, Maggie Sent from my iPad using iPF
  25. jerseymaggie

    Question? is $420.00...

    I bought a 64 wifi only refurbished iPad 1 from the apple store online and received it the next day! Got it for $529.00. I wasn't all that interested in FaceTime and the two cameras so this was a good fit for me. It was a great experience and it came with a one year warranty just like it was...
  26. jerseymaggie

    How do you cancel iPad magazine subscriptions (1 year)?

    AJTaliesen!!! Thanks so much for the tip to kenjigraphics about Flipboard. I had no idea how incredible an app it is (heard about it but hadn't tried it). Per your instruction to Kenji, I downloaded it right away and.....WOW!!!! So awesome and probably my VERY FAVORITE app right now...
  27. jerseymaggie

    New iPad owner!!!!!!

    Hi everyone! Just got my a first iPad yesterday!!!!! I absolutely love it! I used this site to research what I wanted to buy. (and I did A LOT of research). After much thought and weighing out the pros & cons, I went with a 64 gb wi-fi iPad 1. Seriously considered an iPad 2 but I decided...
  28. jerseymaggie

    Size of apps on in measurement

    Hi! I am new too but, correct me if I am wrong but I think the reason you are seeing this is because the app is not optimized for the iPad. I figured this out last night when I was playing with my new iPad! If I understand this correctly, you want to find apps that are specifically made for...