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    Copying webpage url

    You 're a star.
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    Copying webpage url

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but how do I copy a webpage URL and then share it on (for example) Facebook? Thanks
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    IPAD Apps

    Firstly, apologies if there is a section dealing specifically with Apps, feel free to move this thread if there is one. So - I came across TuneIn Radio - a brilliant app, if, like me, you like to listen to radio stations other than the standard offering
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    Morning All

    Ipad 2 - for so long I resisted the temptation, but when they brought out the new model my iron will gave in :)
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    Morning All

    Mike here from the UK - looks to be the perfect forum for learning more about this terrific piece of kit
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    How do I shuffle random songs on my iPad2??

    An easier way to shuffle your music - with the songs listed alphabetically, drag the list down and this should show the option to shuffle (hidden away) - unfortunately this will not show the playlist.