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    Did anyone get a Gelaskin for the iPad 2?

    I just got a skin from instead of gelaskin... pretty happy...
  2. E for ipad 2

    I love how the apple logo shows through the skin, with kind of an embossed look... My iPad 2 now fights for the users!
  3. E for ipad 2

    Got mine today, fits really well. Definitely happy with the purchase!
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I was first in line at the scottsdale quarter apple store yesterday. Got there at 8:30am... Around noon the line blew up from about 30 people to over 100, and by 5pm it was well over 250.
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    Just tap on her to ask her to move :)
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    iPad live video INPUT

    You could just hook up the camera to a normal computer, and then view/control that computer with a VNC app on the ipad.
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    iTunes tv shows missing

    I guess I'm the only one with this issue... To the genius bar I go tomorrow
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    iTunes tv shows missing

    Anyone else have this problem? I downloaded a couple of episodes of Numb3rs from iTunes on my ipad last night. After the first one finished it was not listed under tv shows on the ipad. After the second one finished, it showed a white box under tv shows in videos where the numbers logo should...
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    cannot pair ipad bluetooth

    I concur on the rocketfish headphones
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    No Glare Screen Protector

    Waiting on my power support anti glare. Ordered Friday morning with fedex overnight but they haven't shipped yet
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    ipad jailbreak is out!

    is their a 5GB cap on iPhone data with a standard AT&T contract? I thought it was unlimited like the iPad
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    ipad jailbreak is out!

    used it on my 3gs tonight... Backgrounder/Proswitcher and MyWi are awesome! MyWi especially for my 32GB Wifi iPad tethering :) is there any danger at all of a huge AT&T bill for tethering? I'll play around with apps for a few days, but until more iPad apps come out there isn't much sense...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I've had one for a few weeks... Very happy with it... Lightweight, very low profile, keeps the back from getting scratched and protects the sides... Also like that the Apple logo shows through the back...
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    iPad Stand for Typing

    Will these work with a case on the iPad? How tightly does it fit in sans case?
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    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    As for system ram, I've been using an app called free memory on my iPhones for years, and now on the ipad. Cleans up all the junk left in resident memory from poorly written apps, restores full speed on a slow os without rebooting
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    Since I have an iPhone that works with AT&T hotspots, will my ipad work with that same account?