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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I think Apple's software teams were so focused on having iOS 7 ready for the iPhone showdown that they neglected the iPad. Last info I learned is that iOS 7.1 will be ready on time for the iPad keynote. We'll see. Enviado desde mi iPad con Tapatalk HD
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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    Couple of days ago I learned that the culprit of the hangs when you set up the wallpaper is the parallax effect. Apparently, this effect is precalculated every time we swap wallpapers even if you have enabled reduce motion. Enviado desde mi iPad con Tapatalk HD
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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I wish I could be as confident as twerppoet but I honestly can't. The thing is the iPad 3 is an underpowered device, it's CPU is too weak to handle all the scaling a retina display requires and iOS 7 has raised the bar a couple of notches. I'm pretty sure that things will be better with...
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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    Mine got sluggish after the update. The lag in the keyboard is quite noticeable sometimes. Also I've seen some stuttering in the animations when I switch apps.
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    power point to iPad?

    You can try Slideshark.
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    Do iPads work anywhere in the world?

    Afaik you can switch among iTunes Stores without problems.
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    Any accessory for using pen drive / external hard disk?o

    Photos can be transfered to the iPad from a SD card/USB as long as you have the proper adapter and the files are stored in a folder named DCIM (mimicking a camera storage). For other types of files you'll need to jailbreak your device but there is no guarantee that your pen/hard drive will be...
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    New iOS 7 Features Include Control Center, and Notification Center in Lock Screen

    I think a file repository wouldn't disturb apple's policies regarding file manipulation because a repository is just an index. Manipulation would still have to be done within the proper app but having this aforesaid file repository would allow you attach documents to your mail within the mail...
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    Anyone else HUGELY disgusted by the flat look?

    As someone already said this overhaul was long overdue. I like it even though the icons look like a little bit "girlish" (no offense intended).
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    iOS 7 vs Android 4.2

    I don't mind letting the Android guys have it first, as a matter of fact I kind of like it because it provides the competition a large pool of test subjects for free. It's not like there is much room left for innovation when your main competitor updates its OS on 6-month basis anyway.
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    iOS 7 vs Android 4.2

    I think the seventh point is not accurate, the comparison should be between AirDrop and Wifi Direct which is the built-in protocol for wifi adhoc sharing.
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    New iOS 7 Features Include Control Center, and Notification Center in Lock Screen

    If I'm not mistaken, Tim Cook said during one of his latest interviews that they were willing to open the APIs to allow deeper integration for third party apps and we already have a photo/music repository thus I don't see the problem in widening the concept to regular files.
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    New iOS 7 Features Include Control Center, and Notification Center in Lock Screen

    I've got pretty pleased with this upgrade even though I won't get AirDrop on my iPad 3. Still there are a couple of things Apple has to get to: - Open up the APIs so developers can integrate their apps deeper (like sharing content for instance). - A file repository like the pictures/music one.
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    Does anybody have any tips on how to save battery on your iPad

    I have an iPhone 5 and its battery life is excellent, can't think of anything to complain about in that matter.
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    Could iTunes be any worse? (rant)

    I had my own share of frustration with iTunes but never because of connectivity issues. I guess I just got lucky.
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    What orentation do you use the most? Landscape or portriat?

    Landscape 95% of the time, I only use portrait for book reading.
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    Ipad 3 and ipad4s

    Nope, that's only true for universal apps.
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Yeah, I'm still thinking is one of the best note taking apps but the landscape issue is becoming too much of a downside for me.
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    Split screen (2 screens at once)

    There's a tweak in Cydia called Quasar which allows you to have multiples windows opened (and active) at the same time. There are plenty of videos about this tweak in YouTube if you want to check it out.
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    Air stash

    You can plug those very same SDHC cards on the iUSBport using a 3-buck adapter if you wish. Granted it is not as portable as the AirStash but it offers many more functions: - You can plug on it almost any storage you already have (either directly though the USB ports or by using adapters) - It...
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    Air stash

    Take a look at this first: HyperDrive iUSBport Wi-Fi - Makes Any USB Storage Device Wireless - Black: Computers & Accessories Basically it is a portable NAS, it will make any USB-storage device wireless.
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    putting ipad pdf files into pc

    Any file manager from the AppStore will allow you to transfer files back and forth to the PC over FTP, WebDav or even SMB (Windows native sharing protocol).
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    Music and surfing?

    I'm not sure but I think Google's YouTube app doesn't support background playback.
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    .avi files

    If you don't have access to the AppStore grab a computer and remux the AVI files into MP4 (most likely you won't need to transcode the whole movie).
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    What you have to do is to map an input port of your router's public IP to the local IP and port where your FTP server is running. Usually you will do this on your router's port forwarding/redirecting menu.
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    Best iPad game.

    I'm an old school gamer so I'm going to say Monkey Island 2. Point & click adventures fit perfectly on touchscreens plus LucasArts did a wonderful job adapting this game to the retina screen. Another beautiful game is The room, very engaging but a little short though.
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    Blu-ray vs dvd rips

    Yeap, 480p implies a heavy upscaling in order to fit in iPad's resolution. The ideal situation is to go for 1080p rips because they will be displayed at their native resolution, the problem is that a proper 1080p BRrip weights about 6-12 GB depending on the movie. 720p is the sweet spot I believe.
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    help deciding between ipad 3 and ipad 4 .... anu suggrstions?

    I don't think you will have to convert the AVI files unless you want to use the stock video player. The problem with AVI files is that decoding has to be done by software because Apple denies access to the the MPEG-4 hardware decoder to any video file but the native ones. On previous iPads that...
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    PDF annotations apps

    I think the Dropbox API doesn't allow you to modify files on the cloud thus, regardless the app you pick, the files will always be edited locally and then uploaded to the cloud.
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    help deciding between ipad 3 and ipad 4 .... anu suggrstions?

    If you post the specs of one of those avi files maybe we can tell you if it is playable on any of the the media players available in the AppStore. I'm guessing here but I think the problem it's the lack of power because I can play AVI files on the iPad 3 just fine with AVPlayerHD.
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    help deciding between ipad 3 and ipad 4 .... anu suggrstions?

    The iPad 4 wipes the floor with the iPad 3, I would take it regardless of the jailbreak. As for the avi files, if they can be played on the iPad 1 I would expect the same on the iPad 4.
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    Playing avi movies on iPad 3

    If you know how to use the FFMPEG tools (quite easy) you can convert the AC3 track to AAC without reencoding the entire file. Cheaper than purchasing another player.
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    Password Manager

    LastPass is another good option.
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    Forgot passcode !

    That kind of forensic tools aren't that uncommon, there are tons of companies specialized on data retrieving which use similar tools. Anyway, my point is that there are options.
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    Forgot passcode !

    Actually, hacking a iDevice is not as difficult as you may think Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 - Oxygen Forensics for iPhoneiPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, New iPad 3 and iPod Touch
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    WiFi Issues & Questions

    When you press the renew lease button the built-in DHCP client asks the router for an update on your IP address. Most of the time it will give you the same IP but it might change. If you want to ensure that the IP address doesn't change either you go to the router settings and configure it to...
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    I don't have a Mac but I do have a Galaxy S. I have installed a samba server on my phone (free app from Google Play), whenever I want to transfer files from the phone to the tablet I just turn on the server on the Galaxy and browse the files from the iPad samba client (Goodreader). As a matter...
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    Video Streaming!

    You will always need some kind of device to act as server in order to be able to share the contents, either is a hard drive with a built-in streaming server, a sharing hub like Pogoplug, a computer/laptop, a home center/barebone, a router...
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    Video Streaming!

    Another good app for video streaming is Air Playit HD.
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    When it comes to large PDFs filled with diagrams and pictures I found out that iBooks renders pages faster than Goodreader. As a matter of fact, iBooks is faster than any app I've tried so far including specialized apps like PDF Expert or iAnnotate which is kind of strange.