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    ordered april 23rd

    I called several Bestbuy and they are experience crazy delay. They already have orders to be filled once the shipment arrives. However, given the numbers of pre-order, they said they doubt they'll have any for the store shelves for another 8 weeks. As of right now, all pre-order ain't going to...
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    Anyone use their iPad less?

    I use my iPAD usually to check email, check facebook, read magazine via Zinio, and occassion listen to music and watch youtube. During Football season, I use it a lot more with Yahoo Fantasy Football Apps and other football stuff... I recently use it for Angry Bird... I find it great because...
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    iPAD + D300s + Eye-Fi = Portable Instant View

    That is correct, there is a list on Eye-Fi memory cards: wireless photo & video uploads straight from your camera to your computer & the web. on what camera works. I just happen to have D300s.
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    iPAD + D300s + Eye-Fi = Portable Instant View

    FYI... K. NGUYEN-TU PHOTOGRAPHY: Apple iPad + Nikon D300s = Wireless Tethering On The Go!
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    Starcraft II

    Overhyped, long over due. If it came out like three years ago, it wouldve been great. Now, it's ok
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    iPad 3.2.1 won't connect to WPA2 WLAN

    It should work. I got it setup earlier at work with wpa2
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    iHome Clock for iPad

    FYI iHome - iPod Accessories - Clock Radios
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    No Tethered Hulu.....WTF!!

    Hulu blocks droid after droid got flash installed in android 2.2
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Update fixed mine too. Solid now
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    Perfect Web Browser

    Atomic here too
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    I Now Have a Big Paperweight

    Went to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates on my Windows XP machine where I had originally started the update and had problem. Copied the update file to another PC I copied to a Windows 7 machine...
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    I Now Have a Big Paperweight

    Having similar issue here. Now it is suck with a picture of sync cable to CD on the ipad. I am trying to see if I can use another computer to restore.
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    Best professional-quality photoviewer?

    Sad part is you can't organize subfolder on you computer. iTunes takes all subfolder as one single folder.
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    Zinio Users

    I got them to download, but I have to click on them one after another for them to download. I wonder if there is an auto download feature that can be turn o ?
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    Zinio Users

    I just got the app install and purchased 3 magazines. How do you get it to auto download the magazines for offline (non-wifi / non-3g) viewing?
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    Constant Wireless Issues

    changing from WEP to WPA for me is a pain. I have 8 laptops + PS3 + DS + Wii + 3 desktops + ipad + 4 ipod touch + 2 TV + 3 Blu Ray in the house hold. Changing to WPA I have to through and update all of them. Pain in the ass
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    Can you view it offline? I dont want to have to turn on WIFI or go to a WIFI spot to read magazine.