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    Hide Settings Icon in IOS 8

    Hi I have a couple of mini running IOS 8 which will be used by clients (mainly children watching mobvies) and once set up I would like to lock down the iPad as much as possible. I am aware of and have set a number of Restrictions but my ideal would be to hide the Settings Icon completley. I...
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    Safari for iPad 3 iso7

    Am I right in thinking that Safari for iPad iso7 still does not offer a full screen option? If it doesn't why oh why?
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    Transfer from iPad1 to iPad3

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I got it to work by doing the following: I reset the iPad3 back to factory settings. Deleted all backups Backed up iPad1 Started iPad3 Plugged in iPad3 to computer and followed instructions to restore from a previous backup. I have no idea how or why...
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    Transfer from iPad1 to iPad3

    I have just purchased the new iPad (I am going to call it iPad3) and wish to transfer all my settings on my iPad 1 to the iPad3. When I say settings I mean things like: Icon layout and groupings VPN settings Files held with in Apps for example like PDF's held within iAnnotate PDF Settings on...
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    Can not Sync my TV Shows

    Thanks scfan57 but there is no cloud symbol against the show. The shows are stored on my computer at E:\Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\TV Shows\Name of Show.m4v Any thoughts?
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    Can not Sync my TV Shows

    I have some TV shows in iTunes which I purchased from the store and have in the past watched on my iPad but removed to save space. I want to sync a few epsiodes across but nothing I do will get the tv episodes on to my ipad. At the top of the video app screen is Movies and Podcasts but no...
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    Seagate GoFlex Satellite and Apple VGA Adapter

    Hi I have a 64gb iPad 1 and recently purchased a Seagate Goflex Satellite 500gb hard drive. For anybody who is wondering this works like a dream and I would highly recommend. Anyway on to my question. There were two reasons that I purchased the drive: 1. I would have access to all my files...