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    Volume buttons acting odd

    Mine is 1.5.8~beta2
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    Volume buttons acting odd

    I had this problem for a while but just this minute updated my activator from cydia and no longer have the issue :)
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    Is there an app that can take handwriting and save as type written?

    7notes does what I think you are after
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    Volume button mutes the sound completely with one push only! Please Help

    I've just noticed this problem last night too - for the life of me I can't remember what I've updated recently but I'm running jailbroken 4.3.3 iPad 2 .
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    Considering Jailbreaking, What are the main benefits?

    I think you can create albums and move pictures about now in iOS5 can you not?
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    Cydia Mobile Subtrate Update

    Managed to fix mine.. managed to get it into safemode via SSH, happened to be caused by the PKGBackup app, uninstalled in safe mode, resprung and everything seems to be working again. Thank god :)
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    Cydia Mobile Subtrate Update

    Seems like theres a few others with the same issue if you search 'mobile substrate' on twitter
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    Cydia Mobile Subtrate Update

    Just updated and having the same issue :/ Edit: P.S. iPad 2 4.3.3
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    I've heard it'll be 6pm UK time - these are the times that are flying around twitter at the moment.
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    Facebook for iPad finally released!

    The update is now available in the UK store FYI. App Store - Facebook
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    Facebook for iPad finally released!

    Facebook has finally released the official iPad app for Facebook.
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    'Other' in iTunes Sync

    Thanks for the help guys. Will have a look through my apps this evening :)
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    'Other' in iTunes Sync

    Checked out the link - I'm aware of the 14GB 'real' capacity, but without counting the 'missing' 2GB I still have 5.3GB taken up by 'Other' - and I have no idea what this is..
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    'Other' in iTunes Sync

    Hi, I've noticed that I have 5.3 GB of 'Other' files when syncing my iPad via iTunes. Does anyone know what this could be, where I could out myself, and/or how to get rid of it without restoring? My iPad is jailbroken on 4.3.3 (don't have blobs saved so restoring isn't really an option). P.S...
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    Please Help~~ iPad 2 acting crazy

    It states his blobs are saved
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    iPad 2 + aluminum keyboard case = MacBook Air look-alike

    Can anyone recommend a suitable 'sleeve' case for this? (ipad2 while in the keyboard case). Would a regular sleeve/sock case be big enough?
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    How can i recover my facebook icon on my ipad

    Does it still appear when you search for it on Spotlight?
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    Facebook problems

    or use the Facebook app if you want to upload photos.. or theres various 3rd party (bulk) photo uploader apps
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    +1 for iCab, love it personally.
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    Tabs in safari

    I grabbed iCab Mobile the other day for the iPad and love it. Good tabs and tons of other features.
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    Large mobile 3G bill

    You can make sure the app is closed by checking the multitasking bar (double tap home button).. If not you can close it from there.
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    Is it possible to download Youtube videos to the iPad

    Yourtube is a great tweak if jb
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    Official Facebook App for iPad

    Looks like you can activate the official iPad app with the iPhone one.. follow these two guides. Just did it myself and it works (requires jailbreak) How To Install Official Facebook iPad App [Tutorial] Re-Activate Leaked Official Facebook iPad App With FaceForward Jailbreak Tweak
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    Official Facebook App for iPad

    Check out the Friendly for iPad app. I quite like it, has chat too.
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    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    My Camera, FaceTime, Photobooth etc are still using the stock icons. Anyone else have this?
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    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    Looks like it was an issue with Page Fade mode with Barrel.
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    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    After playing around with this theme - has anyone had problems with the app pages messing up when changing from portrait/landscape?
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    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    Just bought this along with the SBSettings theme and icon pack. Very nice clean theme!
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    Floating app badges from time to time

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so hopefully I'm pasting in the right place :) Apologies if this issue has been discussed before but I haven't found it on these forums yet and wasn't quite sure how best to describe my problem. The picture below shows my issue, from time to time then badges...