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    Mosaic Wallpaper Designer

    Hi everyone! Today, my newest universal iOS app is released in the App Store! I want to provide you with some information about this easy-to-use wallpaper designer. You can download the app over here! With Mosaic Wallpaper Designer, you can design unique wallpapers, using your own pictures...
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    [Tutorial] How to use the Twitter framework in iOS5

    Hey all, I've wrote a tutorial on how to use the new Twitter framework in iOS5. In this article you will see how easy it is to implement Twitter integration in you apps, which can be of great value for the promotion of your applications. I have also included a sample project you can...
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    Are you not really shure if you like StackPad? Today I released a Lite version, which you can download in the App Store for free! StackPad Wallpaper Designer Lite in the App Store
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    Thanks everybody for the nice reactions. I really appreciate it! If you have any suggestions for future updates, please tell me!
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    About a month after the initial release, StackPad Wallpaper Designer for iPad is up for it's first big update together with a temporarily price drop of 50%. The update contains a lot of user suggested new functions and small fixes and tweaks. The update is free for the already 20.000+ worldwide...
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    Hey all, Thanks for your interest! Because of some articles on big website's like, StackPad was download over 20.000 times in the free period! Currently I'm working on a few bugs or issues I've heard from users. StackPad will also be available for earlier versions of iOS after...
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    Now free for a limited time! Now free for a limited time! To celebrate the release of the iPad 2 in 23 more countries, StackPad is temporarily free from Friday March 25th till Monday March 28th. StackPad is an easy to use wallpaper designer App for iPad. Users can design their own...
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    StackPad Wallpaper Designer

    Hey all, Maybe it's a little bit of shameless advertising, but I want to tell you a bit about my newly released iPad App StackPad. I think everyone looking for a nice personal wallpaper will like it. Idea of the App is to let you create your own personal wallpaper using your own pictures...
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    General IOS 4.3 Observations

    I think you can notice some improvement on safari. Not really the stated 2x faster, but if your scroll down a page very fast, it will go a loot smoother than it did before. I also think that you see the checkered background for shorter periods of time now. Before the update it would take some...
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    Earphones for original iPad.

    The iPad should automatically change the output for audio to the earphones when connected. You can't change anything in the settings. I think there is someting wrong with the earphones. Have you tried other ones?
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    Wallpaper changer

    Being a Apple developer myself I can say that it's impossible to do so on the moment. I just released a wallpaper designer app called StackPad recently, and Apple is not providing a service to automatically set it as your background. You have to generate a image and save it to the saved photo's...