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    Tethering with a Verizon Droid

    i do this all the time. follow directions here to root phone How to Root from 2.1 - Android Forums its stupid proof for the most part. a lot of people get into doing a lot with their rooted droid and some of the custom ROMs really cause problems on the phone. I just rooted the base ROM...
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    How to get photos onto iPad without iTunes or Camera Kit

    +1 for Photo Transfer!!! Great application to get files from PC to iPad very quickly. $2.99 purchase but well worth it for what it does. Also looks like you can send to another iPad or mobile device. Its little apps like this that make the systems so damn cool. Now.. if only it could save...
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    How to get photos onto iPad without iTunes or Camera Kit

    dropbox is another app that might work for you. Its a free install for your ipad/iphone/droid/pc/mac.. You install it on all systems you want to share files with (online repository). The online shares are linked to folders on your PC/Mac. You can drag files (photos, documents, pdf, mp3...
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    Photo folders - copy / paste / new?

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    Photo folders - copy / paste / new?

    I assume that you can only manipulate your photo folders via the ipad interface with a jailbreak. Is this true? What apps are available (if any) for this? What I'd like to do is grab photos from my "saved images" folder and add them to existing folders or create new ones. Also would like to...