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    iPad Tips for your Daily Tasks

    1. Make Notes on Your iPad The Notes app makes it simple to write and store notes. Its interface takes the appearance of a leather book, storing notes in a sleeve. You can sync notes to your desktop, and apps such asEvernote enable you to store them in the cloud, so you can access them from any...
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    More than 100 Free Games For Your iPad

    hi friens, here u can find more than 100 games for your iPad : PAC-MAN Lite for iPad Relive the arcade classic and eat up all the dots while watching out for the ghosts. Control your PAC-MAN in accelerometer mode, with the onscreen joystick, or a finger swipe. Download. Crowd Patrol HD A...
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    Home How To How to fix Wi-Fi issues on the new iPad

    The problem is a simple one to encounter. You should have Wi-Fi but for some reason the reception just isn't there. That's exactly what struck OS X Daily, just after it got a new iPad from Apple. And the guys from OS X Daily are not alone. Threads on support sites including the Apple Support...
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    how to

    I Look For How I Can Set Up My iPad the Right Way!!!Tnx
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    How to Jailbreak the iPad

    dear friends; someone help me to Jailbreak my iPad................. tnx