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    4.3.1 Cydia Apps - *compatibility list*

    Updated! Sent from my HTC Evo 4G using Tapatalk
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    4.3.1 Cydia Apps - *compatibility list*

    I guess we can move it the working side with a conditional tag.
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    4.3.1 Cydia Apps - *compatibility list*

    I've found this list elsehwere and thought it would be a good idea to start keeping track. I've installed several apps like Frash and MakeItMine by mistake thinking they had been updated. Here is a list of working, partially working, and non working cydia apps on 4.3.1. I will try my best to...
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    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    Are you guys going to strengthen the hinge at all? All of the tabs holding mine in just broke so I'm hoping they'll be a little stronger for the iPad 2. Will you be selling replacement hinges?
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    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    Glad to hear it. I spent a lot of time on other forums hacking the crap out of my Android devices but now I've come to see what the world of Apple has. I got in on the cheap end of both. I bought the G-Tab because I got it for $350 and now that people are selling their original iPads so...
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    How To Get NEW Multitasking Gestures In iOS 4.3 | iPad 1 & 2

    Hey Phil. Thanks for the info. Do you mind if I post your videos on my blog? I'm going to link back but some people like to keep this stuff on the hush so I'm just checking before I do anything nuts. LoL
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    Hey man. I'm a noob around here too. Still trying to learn how to jailbreak LoL. Anyway, I think I've heard them say something about DFU mode and then there's always the restore option in iTunes. I wish I could be a little more helpful but I know I've read several posts about your...
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    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    Wow. I really didn't want my first post to be an argument over Android vs. Apple operating systems. I've had a Viewsonic G-Tab for several months and I found that even without "Honeycomb" it is superior in terms of flexibility and customization to the iPad which I own now. I have not...