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    To upgrade? And if so, which?

    seems like the 32 gb may jsut be the right size for u. give it some time. and i would go with the white.
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    Yet another reason I love my iPad

    Wow thats a great app!
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    What are the average wait times to receive ipad 2 store/reseller

    From what I am hearing 1-2 weeks. My friend got hers in just under 2 weeks.
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    Replacement screen

    I would take it back and have them see if they can take out the dust under the screen. It really shouldn't be there.
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    Cheap Camera Connection Kit

    In for the link as well.
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    iPad replacement/apple best customer service

    Great story! Always happy to hear news like this.
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    New Laptop, new iPad, old iPod do I synch iTunes

    Did you transfer over the music from the old laptop to the new one?
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    Would you use the ipad for digital photos

    Yes iI deffinately would. Pictures look great on the screen for viewing and sharing with family.
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    Ordering from Apple

    I wouldn't take the risk either. Place the order when you are closer to having the money. That is what is holding me back as well. Wait it out a little more and then you won't be nervous if the finances go through.
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    Another free iPad replacement

    great story!
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    DJ'd 1st gig with iPad

    Wow thats awesome!
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    I'm new and ive just got my ipad 2

    congrats Sue! welcome to the site!
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    Movies on Ipad2 quality?

    I have been using DVDFAB and I use the 2nd pass high quality encoding. The quality comes out pretty good.
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    Is extended apple care worth it??

    IMO i think its worth it in the long run.
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    iPad apps in sale

    Saving this thread. I wanna buy some of these apps!
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    Do you think the white will yellow over time!

    I highly doubt it.
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    Review of Cardinal Case for iPad 2

    Nice review. Thank you.
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    Movies on Ipad2 quality?

    Shouldn't have any problems if you got a decent connection for Netflix.
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    Why so many people try to use iPad as laptop replacement?

    although i dont see it as replacing my laptop, i see it as getting alot more use then it.
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    What memory to go for?

    i'd go for at least the 32 GB
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    Update with my horrible ipad experience.

    Yes the patience of Job indeed! lol. I am happy to hear that you get your composure together and despite going through 8 different iPad's u were able to get a good one in the end.
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    Do you guys have some ebook recommended for 3-7 yrs kids on iPad?

    I gotta agree with Dr. Seuss. Great stuff!
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    It's on its way!!!

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    I have a scary feeling about this.

    You can backup ur data on I-Tunes for the iPad. As far as losing your iPad. Just be careful. Treat it like a child lol.
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    Some questions before buying

    I'd say go for the 32 GB model.
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    What is a screen bleed?

    Not a stupid question. I been looking into it myself.
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    tried android, iphone, palm...etc

    Good solid review. I enjoyed reading it! :)
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    iPad 2 Production Increased

    I hope so. This is great to hear! I wanna put in my order by this weekend if all goes to plan.
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    Looking at buying iPad2. Couple of questions...

    The Zune Pass is all i have ever needed. It's paid for itself many times I can stream the music I want and just keep 10 of them each month. The software is nice. I am not soo much into the EQ's cuz I'm not a huge audiophile but it still does a heck of job. As far as the battery life I get alot...
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    Dropped ipad

    happy to hear it all worked out for u in the end!!
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    "I just cant justify the cost...ipad 2 is too expensive!"

    I've gotten that response from a couple of my friends when i told them i was going to get the iPad 2. but what it all comes to down to is how u will be using it. if u can put it to good use and ur happy then thats all that matters. those remarks can get annoying though.
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    Hello. This is Raghu from India.

    Welcome to the site, enjoy ur stay!
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    Buying an Ipad 2 in Miami

    saw a couple for sale at the local target on display though i didnt check what type there was. i am gona go there saturday anyways jsut to see, but i am still thinking i should just order it from apple itself.
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    Facebook photos onto Ipad

    u should be able to with itunes?
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    Do you think the smart cover is the best case for ipad 2?

    I wouldn't opt for it especially at the price since its really only going to provide some protection to the front and not the back. One cover I Really liked that was posted on this site was the iCarbon