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    Unable to access internet via 3G

    In fact, no. It wasn't showing 3G, EDGE or o. But this triggered my mind; I switched the IPAD2 off (using the sleep/wake switch) and on again. Sure enough, 3G was showing in front of Reliance and it stared working. Thanks a lot Harters, for triggering my brain. For all IPAD2 users - the...
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    Unable to access internet via 3G

    Hi, I have a 3G enabled IPAD2; have taken a connection from Reliance Communication (Delhi). For the past 4-5 days, I have been unable to connect to the Internet using 3G (am able to connect via Wi-Fi). Getting messages :Could not activate data network" and "Safari could not open the page...
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    Email not showing in the body

    Hi Marilyn, I am a new user on the forum, and joined because I was facing this problem. Thanks a lot, your solution worked (earlier I thought Ctrl+Alt+Del was a MS monopoly :)