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    Help with transfering book to flash card

    I downloaded a book to Overdrive on my ipad and I want to transfer it to a flash card. I can't figure out how to do this. I will be traveling on a motorcycle and would like to listen to the book while I ride through my Garmin 550. Can anyone help me here? thanx
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    traveling with it

    HI I'm new to the ipad and am taking a 6000 mile trip through America with it... on a motorcycle. It's so much smaller than my laptop. lol I'm from ATL and am going to Mount Rushmore and then camping in the giant redwoods in CA. I'm excited.
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    New to ipad

    Since I have Dish network I downloaded Dish plus HBOGO and TNT to my Ipad. I get tons of movies and show from there for free.