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    New iPad and it's power strangeness

    Ok, I expected that response. So, at what percentage level should I set my brightness setting to allow for charging to take place while using me iPad. Keep in mind that I didn't have to deal with this issue with my ipad2.
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    New iPad and it's power strangeness

    Plug your new IPad(3) into a power outlet using the supplied power cord. Set your screen brightness to full or "max". Use your iPad while plugged into power. Watch the power percentage meter go down not up or have it even stay the same percentage level. This doesn't happen with the iPad 2. Why?
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    I have a new iPad 32 gb wifi only. I've searched this forum and didn't find anything on what I'm experiencing. When I plug my new iPad into power to charge it, because it's getting low on battery, I continue to use while it's charging. I notice that the battery percentage indicator keeps...