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    Can I exist with an iPad and no computer?

    I'd say no, Rebecca. There are just too many things we can't do yet on the iPad, or can't do comfortably. The two devices are really complementary, not redundant. Wouldn't change my iPad for anything though!
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    New Member

    Get the regular iPad not the mini if you'll be reading magazines. Mini screen is a bit too small for optimized mag reading.
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    How do you access iPF? App or browser?

    I use an RSS reader, River of News. I find it a much faster way to scroll through all my RSS feeds.
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    The iPad helped medical students score 23% higher at exams

    My son is in is in this classroom, lucky to be part of this innovative and forward-looking experiment to train future doctors. Attendance at all classes is mandatory--they check in on their iPads at the beginning of each class. They take notes on their iPads or laptops right on the power point...
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    How much can I get for my ipad 3?

    DON'T GO THIS ROUTE! I sent Amazon my iPad 1 with the original box, packing, and Apple sticker. They returned it without the original box! Eventually i sold it on eBay but felt really burned that Amazon vendors would rip me off this way. The overseas call center did nothing to help me about the...
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    Christmas Tree: the new iPad ebook for kids (promo of our new ebook)

    Hi Peter, How did you add the hidden audio to your pictures with iBooks Author?
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    Mini ipad advertisement

    You mean, "Heart and Soul"!
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    Excell and Word free appl for Ipad3

    Try CloudOn.
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    Does anyone know how to open PPT file on ipad?

    Get the app CloudOn which will open power points.
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    Hue iOS-Controlled Light bulb System Goes Onsale in Apple Stores

    bulbs uses 80% less juice than a regular light bulb, despite giving off the equivalent light to a 500-watt bulb Sounds exciting, but in fact 600 lumens is eqivalent only to 50 watts--pretty dim.
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    Ipad 4?

    In a sense, you're throwing money away if you don't do the exchange. Your iPad 3 just lost about $200 in value when Apple introduced the new model, while your new 4 will be worth the full price you paid.
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    Producing images for larger print

    You might check out how David Hockney does this. He has a current exhibit in Germany, "A Bigger Picture" with floor to ceiling paintings done on his iPad with the Brushes app. Truly breathtaking! You might find out how he does this through a web search.
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    How can I publish an illustrated golf manual for iPad owners?

    Why don't you create the book using iBooks Author, free software om the Mac. It syncs easily to your iPad to preview and make further edits and adjustments before publishing in iBooks.
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    Apple id

    Can you please tell me exactly how you did this? Thanks.
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    New to forum

    Hi Mary, You might try downloading the free app CloudOn which has Microsoft Word. Save your document in Dropbox and then work with it on your PC also.
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    New Member - PhD Researcher

    Very interesting project, with ramifications for others using iPads in learning situations. Just FYI, Univ. of California, Irvine med school and Stanford give iPads to their 1st year med students. Also, you might chek out David Hockney's website for info on how he uses the Brushes app for his...
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    Magazines on the iPad?

    Next Issue is a great new magazine app. 20+ magazine titles for a very low price. One month free trial. Only catch is that you have to sign up through the web.
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    iBook Author

    I had fun the past few weeks using iBooks Author to create a book for iPad about travels in Spain this May. Even though it was designed for textbooks, people have now used the free software to create thousands of multimedia books on ordinary topics such as how-to, travel, language learning, art...
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    Garageband (or other iPad programs) creations

    Cool! Thanks for sharing this.
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    iPad Mini Could Eventually Outsell the Regular-Sized iPad

    I agree. Tried the Kindle Fire but returned it. It was just too small for watching movies and other visuals.. The iPad is just thw right size. It's a good idea for Apple to offer choices, however.
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    New guy ponders purchase

    Also, Apple is mot supporting the 1 anymore starting this fall. You won't be able to update to iOs 6 this fall and will have a dinosaur on your hands.
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    New iPad user

    Check the Hockney exhibit out I have to second the op about the stunning David Hockney exhibit with a huge room of his paintings done with the Brushes app on the iPad. Unbelievably stunning! If you can make it to the Guggenheim in Bilbao by Sept. 30 or Germany this fall, be sure not to miss...
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    Google Drive Out Now for iOS

    According to the Tech News Today podcast, the iOS app won't allow you to edit the documents, only download them for viewing.
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    What does up to 9hr means?

    Try turning your brightness level down under Settings. Mine was using battery fast last week because i forgot I had turned up the brightness when I was outside. Turned it down and battery capacity is back to normal.
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    How do I stop app requests when browsing a forum with Safari?

    Yes, I'm extremely frustrated with this pop up that started two weeks ago. I'm almost ready to leave the forum because of it. I need to use my RSS reader to get through all my feeds efficiently. Now iPad Forum wants to force me to use their app. I have 300 apps and don't need a redundant one...
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    iPad for grad school, notes onto ppt

    Save the power point in Dropbox, then open it in CloudOn. There is a tab for a notes/outline view on the top left. The outline will then appear in the left column.
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    Any free apps. for ms word

    Try CloudOn.
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    Try CloudOn.
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    You don't have to downlad a dictionary. You do have to press down on the word with your finger. Ths is an iPad gesture, not one belonging to ndividual book aps. So it works in RSS feeds, the NYTimes app, and many others. Just make sure you're holding down long enough on the word.
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    Need a Powerpoint Pro...

    Yes. The CloudOn app is free and shows your notes in Power Point.
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    Stock watch

    I like CNBC real-time quotes.
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    Kindle App Page Turn Slow

    Yes. It's just gotten that way with the new upgrade for iPad 3. I've given up and am teaching myself to use the tap rather than the turn, but I don't like the change.
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    Can somone tell me how to highlight in ebooks?

    Hold your finger down on a word in the passage. When the blue dots appear move them to the beginnng and end of what you want to highlight. Then press highlight. Check the iPad users manual which is free in iBooks.
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    iOS 5.1

    You can download the Dragon Dictation app to use on the iPad 1. Then you can copy and paste the text you've dictated into an email or any other place you want it to be.
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    VoiceSo Dictation not Siri !

    Well, you can't tell VD "Wake me up at 6:30" an have it automatically set your alarm for you, or "Send Mary an email that i'll stop at the store on my way home." It's a shame the great new device lacks Siri. I guess Apple wants to keep it to sell more iPhones. But after paying $900 for the...
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    Amazon pre orders for the new iPad or iPad 3?

    Put in my pre-order on the Apple website at 4PM today. Received the email confirmation at 6PM. They must be super busy! It will be delivered on launch day, March 16. No waiting in line!
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    App for Uni Study Notes

    In the Goodreader app you can type text notes in the margins and blank spaces of PDF docs. So this should work for the space available next to your slides.
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    iPad Wifi VS 3G

    Just to clarify: you will need to activate 3G (or 4g on the new one) service when you want to use the GPS. That means paying ATT or Verizon for a month's activation when you travel. I find it a super useful service to have available, especially if you don't have or don't want to carry another...