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    iOS 5.1.1

    Why I can't download iOS 5.1.1 for my iPad 2,( although with WiFi),
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    A new member

    Hi, I ' m a new member or this forum..... I Want to download whatsapp for y iPad 2, Lieke my i phone.....dan You helm ME? TQ
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    IOS 5.1 update

    I think my IOS is same AS You have, IOS 5.1.....and I 've Tried over 5 times , but Until now , it Cannot update.......
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    IOS 5.1 update

    Yesterday Apple sent me that I can download (update) IOS 5.1 for my iPad 2, but Every time I try, the answer always : An error occured for download IOS 5.1......who can help me