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    any idea of the maximum watt charger an ipad can handle?

    That's my gut feeling as well. I steer clear of knock off chargers that have the fake apple logo. But there is no reason to avoid good brands like belkin, griffin, anker, ravpower. The usb-c standards are set by an independant organisation and anyone who uses USBC has to comply with them...
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    any idea of the maximum watt charger an ipad can handle?

    Hi I have a few old ipads that dont have the usbc-connector. But I've noticed big speed improvements of using a 30w charger on the larger iPad 12.9 gen1 and gen2. The charge speed is better on the ipad 9.7" and iPad mini, although they're nowhere near how fast it is on the ipad pro. Is there...
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    Is 1.8 Gb update of iOS11 worth on iPad mini 2?

    I had no choice but to update because I used my iPad mini as a satnav device, Waze would keep crashing unpredictably, on iOS9. iOS11 was forced on me and waze runs better. It is a bit slower though, not going to make bones about it. But with these cloud bases apps where the app has to...
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    Help with Imazing

    try different USB cable as Aerofly has suggested on a different USB port. Different ports have different power ratings on a laptop. Look for the SS marked port which has more power. If it is the desktop computer plug the cable directly to the USB ports in the I/O of the motherboard at the back...
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    Am I cucked? Bought an stolen Ipad I think

    I had no idea such a device existed. I bought a few second hand iPads and I always did a reset and activation myself before handing over the cash. Makes you look a bit anal for the seller who probably just wants the money and go. But there's no taking a chance with this. I have friends who...
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    Wow, 30W USB-C charger is legit!

    I was skeptical, even the Apple store employee told me that it will charge "a bit faster" but not like the 3rd gen pro with usb-c cable. Well, truth be told the difference over the 12W is night a day! Before if you put the iPad on charge on the 12W and used it at the same time, the carge level...
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    A tablet that doesn't do much but text

    judging by the app creators email (name) he's Chinese. The Chinese are very blunt about race, body shapes, peoples religions and other things we are senstive about in the west. They do have bad stereotypes about darker skinned people than themselves. I can see the seniors. children and [certain...
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    Is it possible to delete files that were synced from iTunes without PC?

    Hi I needed to upload some children's cartoons while on a family trip to the lakes. Needed to hook it up for our child. iOS being iOS, I couldn't simply drag and drop it onto a folder, I had to put all the vids in a folder on my PC and sync it in iTunes. Trouble now is I can't delete the...
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    Anyone updated iPad air 2 to iPadOS

    I get nervous upgrading to iOS on old hardware as they have a habit of grinding them to a halt, anyone have experience with iPadOS on air 2? Does it perform smooth?
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    Ipad as only computer?

    Only 10 years old? The design used on there is "old" even 10 years ago. I used to hand code html like this 20 years ago. Have you considered wordpress? it's a very simple website builder with a wysiwyg back end. Have limitless choice of themes, can get art gallery themes. I can see the website...
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    Technology burn out.

    Just as crucially, I think technology affects out work life balance. Because we can check our emails on our phones, during the evening, weekends etc. we're expected it reply or deal with an "urgent" issue, which to be frank isn't so urgent that it couldnt wait til monday. I find myself doing...
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    Guided access - lost code

    I remember when guided access was originally introduced. It allowed you to turn the ipad off twice and when it re-loaded on the 2nd time it would remove the guided access. I noticed now that it does not do that. Is the only way out of guided access to reset the whole device is lost mode? And...
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    iPad mini satnav

    it might not look modern and sleek, but then I drive a £600 carl and dont care much on appearance.
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    iPad mini satnav

    this is my satnav mount. I don't like phones. I prefer to just glance at my satnav get a visual on where I need to be, and can see the directions long ahead (take the 3rd exit, then first left, etc). Rather than see the directions one step at a time. The iPad mini gives me a much better...