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    View/Edit Microsoft Office documents

    Hi all, What do you use to view and edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPads? I assume Pages can deal with Word docs, but what about Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher files? Do you all use Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, Zoho, or some other service? My 3 requirements for the iPad...
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    Syncing files without iTunes?

    While iTunes is nice to sync music, videos, apps, etc...I'm not keen on using it for transferring files like PDFs, Word Documents, Photos, etc... to and from my iPad. For those of you that have Jailbroken your iPads what methods do you use, other than iTunes to transfer files to and from...
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    Best PDF editor

    I'm starting medical school in the fall and would like to be able to use the iPad in place of a Tablet PC to view and edit large 500+ page PDF documents. I need to be able to highlight, annotate with text boxes, and free draw figures on the PDFs. I also need to be able to save and export them...
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    iPad battery life, I can handle the truth

    I have heard crazy rumors of insane battery life with heavy wifi use. On average how many hours would you say you are getting between charges. I am starting medical school this year and will be in class 9 to 5 daily, and won't have access to a plug wherever I go. I'm trying to decide if the...