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  1. prodhprod

    Problem: Some apps get automatically closed without apparent reason on JB iPad 2 5.01

    Hi guys, I Jailbreaked my iPad 2 iOs 5.01 same day @pod2g released Absinthe. Some weeks later some apps started to get closed suddenly without apparent reason like: Facebook or Twitter (official apps), even Safari, and recently iPhoto. They get open for some seconds and then get closed. I wonder...
  2. prodhprod

    Comprar funda G-Form extreme sleeve 2 en Barcelona o Valencia

    ¿Sabéis si hay alguna tienda en Barcelona o Valencia donde se pueda comprar la funda para iPad 2 G-Form extreme sleeve 2? Online via UK o EEUU es un pastón, la primera porque es carísima, la segunda por el envío y la aduana. Gracias
  3. prodhprod

    Bought new iPad 2 iOS 4.3 is worth to update to iOs 5.0.1?

    I bought and iPad 2 iOS 4.3 (8f191). As I have seen now it's impossible to jailbreak it. So, my question is if it is worth to update to iOS 5.0.1 for waiting the final jailbreak of pod2g? Thks in advanced!