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    Set up content!

    My guess is that Apple servers are overwhelmed. give it some time. You can attempt restoring you apps from itunes by syncing, but mine did about a half a dozen then disconnected and I can not get a sync started again. I am going to set up for an icloud sync and just let it run overnight and see...
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    Verizon Online ordering of iPad 3!!!!

    What time is announcement tomorrow?
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Glad I waited until today. Started at 10:00 am, finished at 11:10. No problem, except won't backup to cloud.
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    location services

    Thanks, still can't figure out how to change current location in maps. No gps on my ipad? Actually, don't remember how I set it up to begin with.
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    location services

    I have a 16gb wi-fi iPad. Originally set it up at my home in Illinois. I am now at another location for 5 months, and I can't figure out how to get ipad to recognize this location. I am using the same computer and router that I use in Illinois and I suspect that may be the problem. How do I...
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    Whats the best leather carrying case cover for iPad?

    I like SENA cases. They are expensive, but very high quality.
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    Thinnest folio style case (like apple case) with latch

    You might also take a look at SENA Cases. I have several for other toys. They are kind of expensive, but are of the very highest quality. Only preorders available right now. I have one ordered and will post a review after I receive it. Shipping around May 12.
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    So how many of us don't have an iPhone?

    Have a Droid that I love!!! 2.1 on Droid and received iPad on the same day. What a weekend. Been playing with toys ever waking moment.:D
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    I am having the same frustration. Took nearly an hour last night, and I'm about twenty minutes into one this morning and less than half done. I'm wondering if it might just be the number of new iPads and itunes server capacity. May go away as a problem when the traffic slows down a bit. Just a...
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    Apple Case

    Check out the cases at SENA.Com. They are expensive, but I expect them to be well worth the cost. I have previously used there products and they are wonderful.
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    Scyncing Question

    Transferring Applications I have successfully transferred all of my apps from iPod touch to iPad. A few don't work and a couple didn't transfer at all. those problems I can solve. What I don't know how to do pertains to an app that has a lot of stored data. the application transferred just...
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    Preparing for delivery... what crazy things are you doing?

    Meditation app so you can go to sleep Saturday night after such an exciting day.
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    Today apple charged me for the 32g wyfi/3g--too

    Sorry, didn't see a couple of the above explanations.
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    Today apple charged me for the 32g wyfi/3g--too

    Credit card not charged yet Interestingly, I ordered on 3/12, order acknowledged and showing on Apple account, but no charge taken on my credit card as of this time. (No UPS or FedEx shipping showing either, April 3 delivery date does show. Anyone else who ordered wifi only not been charged yet?
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    help me

    At minimum, you can carry your laptop everywhere, or you can carry an iPad for the majority of what you want to do.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I think that I will just wait awhile on a case. I am anxious to get my iPad, but not really sure how I am going to handle it, what positions will work best for me and how often that I will use it outside my home. These and other considerations don't help me much to decide what I want in a...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Pre ordered 16GB, WiFi this a.m. (W68739160)
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    Rumor Alert - iPad release date likely Friday, March 26th!

    For what it its worth, I preordered first generation iPod touch and received it UPS from China on the first day they became available in US.:D
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    Obviousley a silly question on my part. If I had done a little more homework, I would have been aware of the aluminum!!! thanks for your response.
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    Certainly not a big issue, but I wonder if engraving will be available for direct orders as is the case with the iPods. Kind of like having my name and phone number on the back of my "touch." I haven't seen this information anywhere.
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    16GB, wi-fi will be plenty for me!