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    Dr Doktor - "DOKtor, it's got a K in it" - Tim Bisley

    "DOKtor, it's got a K in it" - Tim Bisley Hello, Here's our new and upcoming game called Dr Doktor. We will be posting information, screenshots and development facts in here. Please stay tuned. Thanks. Here's wall paper for you: Small EDITED
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    Micro Racing - arcade cars challenge. FREE game!

    Experience the thrill of real car racing, show your precision and determination, compete with friends and become the Champion! Try various types of cars and buy equipment you like. Race with your friends, compare your results and realize that Micro doesn't mean less. Get as many laps as...
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    Falling Angels of Death - kill them all! FREE

    The day has come when angels and demons are falling! Your mission is to save the world and become the hero everyone is waiting for. Every game you get extra experience points which increase your final score. Accuracy is rewarded with combos and great amount of extra points! Keep shooting demons...
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    Best puzzle game on the iPad - Gravity Maze

    Hi there, We are happy to introduce you very atmospheric and innovative physic's base puzzler. You take control of the world gravity in the game and by rotating your iPad you have to help group of cute fluffs escape from evil maze. Try free version and see if you like it. iTunes Free version...
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    iPad for Students

    It's definitely the way to go.
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    IPad Siri

    But iPad one doesn't have mic.. Does it?