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  1. K

    Importing pictures with camera connection kit

    I put some pictures on a SD card and used the Apple camera connection device. There are 17 pictures on the card and only 3 show up to import. They are all JPGs. I've done this many times without a problem. What am I missing? Thanks
  2. K

    Too many apps

    Ah Ha!! I went to settings and something showed up that did not on itunes...People magazine app is 3.5 mb but in my settings it is actually 3.5 GB! Mystery solved thanks so much Like my mama always said, ...a day is not complete unless you learn something new. My day is complete!:)
  3. K

    Too many apps

    I am trying to put a movie on my ipad3 to take on vacation. Itunes tells me there is not enough room. It shows the majority of my space is taken up my apps. So I removed the ones I didn't think I would need on vacation. I am down to only 33 apps, none of which are big. Itunes shows that they...
  4. K

    Is that an app?

    On the Television commercial it shows drawing or coloring on a picture. Does anyone know if it is that an or is on the 3?
  5. K

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    I just checked Fed Ex and it finally says "in transit!" I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!! :-) (my husband thinks I am nuts.)
  6. K

    Unauthorize iPad

    Thank you!!
  7. K

    Unauthorize iPad

    I am getting a new iPad on Friday...yeaaaa!!! my husband wants my iPad 1. Can you tell me how to unauthorize it before I give it to him? I found "deauthorize this computer" on iTunes but they are referring to my laptop, right? Thanks!
  8. K

    Screen Crashes

    That was it, thanks so much!
  9. K

    Screen Crashes

    I haven't seen this problem on here yet, hoping someone can help me. I have a ipad1. Since the last upgrade everything on the screen will will get large, as if I magnified it and will not go back to normal. . It happens with no rhyme or reason. I can be surfing the net or playing a game. I...
  10. K

    No Glare Screen Protector

    I have the Zagg antiglare screen and I love it! It works well outdoors and you can't see the fingerprints. I had Best Buy install it and I am so glad I did, it is smooth and bubble free
  11. K


    Is anyone out there familiar with Audible? It is site to buy audiobooks. Anyway, I would like to purchase books right from my iPad, which is fine, but when I go to download my book, it tells me I cannot download on Safari. I went to help on the audible site and it tells me to configure iTunes...
  12. K

    ABC app is pretty cool....

    I had that problem too, seems some shows work and some don't. Very disappointing.
  13. K

    Word Documents

    It's really strange but you guys were right, it was the file. I was able to open it on my pc but still not on my ipad. This morning I received another word doc and it opened fine. It was something with that one document, the ipad did not like. I was looking at the Pages tutorial, it looks...
  14. K

    Word Documents

    its a doc file. Strange huh? From what I have read it should open.
  15. K

    Word Documents

    That's just it, it won't open, it says 'mail cannot open this attachment'. I will read guided tour, thanks
  16. K

    Word Documents

    Hi If this has been discussed previously, I apologize ahead of time for repeating. When I receive a word document in an email on my iPad, is there something out there that will open it? I am willing to pay for an app if it is good. Recommendations, suggestions? Thanks!:ipad-front:
  17. K

    UPS delivery - YIKES!

    I received mine and my tracking info on the UPS site did not say out for delivery, he just showed up! He said he had only 18 to deliver on his route. but more than 1000 came into the Oak Creek Hub. I mentioned that I was unsure if they would deliver today, and he told me Apple paid of Saturday...
  18. K

    Let's play.... "Who got theirs first?"

    UPS delivered mine at 8:30 am. I am in Wisconsin. It did not show "out for delivery" either.
  19. K

    Got It!

    I got it! I had no doubt! ( Yea right) No it did not show out for delivery, I was really bummed then at 8:30 am, there was the guy in the brown uniform! Woo Hoo!
  20. K

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    Me too! Here's mine: I called Apple and the Representative said I was the first he heard of! GUANGZHOU, CN 04/02/20104:10 A.M.DEPARTURE SCAN SHENZHEN, CN 03/29/201010:10 P.M.ORIGIN SCAN CN 04/01/20105:29 P.M.BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED
  21. K

    First iPad unboxing hits the web!

    I am so jealous! I ordered my ipad March 12th and chose 2-3 day shipping for extra $13. I got an email on March 29th that it had been shipped. I have been tracking it like every hour on the hour. It went to Ky (I was told that is customs) and then an "exception flag" showed up and now its...
  22. K

    Hi Everyone!

    I have had the ipod touch since they first came out, when I heard about the iPad, I had to have one. I was one of those people who logged on to the Apple site first thing March 12! Glad I found this firum because I bet there will be lots to talk about in the future!:ipad-front: