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    New member

    Welcome aboard!
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    Archived emails - can they be retrieved?

    Depends upon what e-mail program you're using and your individual settings. So, which program are you using? :)
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    Is it ok to use iPad while it's on charge in car or house

    It's fine to use while charging.
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    Hi everybody

    There is already a Dream Heights thread going in the Friend Requests section. Please use that thread. The mods will close this one.
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    Hi There!

    Welcome aboard!
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    What type of e-mail account are you using? And welcome to IPF!
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    New IPad owner

    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    New Member

    Welcome aboard, George!
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    A member of what group? I'm a little confused by what you're asking.
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    Email attachment

    Are you asking about an iPad or Kindle? I'm a little confused.
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    Messenger bag for new ipad

    Tom Bihn makes bags specifically for iPads. GREAT quality, made in the USA- I'm a huge fan! TOM BIHN Bags - Laptop Bags, Laptop Backpacks, Laptop Cases
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    Why I like the Bear Motion

    Love my Bear Motion!
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    New to forum

    Welcome to the site!
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    New Member

    Welcome to the site, Doug!
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    correct email address

    In what context? On your phone, on the site, etc?
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    Custom signatures

    If you're jailbroken you can use Mail Enhancer.
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    New to iPad Forums

    Welcome to the forums, Toby!
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    New member

    Welcome to the site!
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    Application wont delete!

    You can't uninstall newststand unless you jailbreak your iPad. It came preinstalled with the device.
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    New member post

    Some new covers will be coming out for the new iPad because not all of the existing ones will fit it. You should stay tuned and keep an eye out on the accessories section of this site. What type of case are you looking for? If you just want a folio-type cover I highly recommend Bear Motion.
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    Will the iPad 2 Section Die Once Everyone Gets Their Hands on "The New iPad"

    Don't think it will. Plenty of people have an iPad 2 and are not upgrading and some new people will opt for the iPad 2 over the new iPad since it's $100 cheaper.
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    iPad 3 user guide

    Not to my knowledge. The device isn't even out yet! :p
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    Can't delete Apps on my iPad2?

    You can also delete apps while connected to iTunes, fwiw.
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    New to ipad

    Welcome to the site! You've come to the right place to learn about all the iPad2 has to offer. Enjoy!
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome, Jaymonie!
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    Is there a difference in the IPAD 3 Smart Cover from the IPAD 2?

    Unclear at this point if both will fit the new iPad since it is slightly thicker than the iPad2.
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    Is gmail set up as an Exchange account on your iPad?
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    iOS 5.1 Released

    To add to this, if you've been on the fence about jailbreaking NOW is the time to do it! Once you update to 5.1 you'll lose all options to do so for the foreseeable future.
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    AT&T or Verizon?

    How would you be subscribing for 2 months out of the year? Your contract runs continually for 2 years- can't break it up into pieces and "turn it off" when you don't want it, then turn it back on when you do.
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    Most predictions come true

    And no regular USB port? :(
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    The NEW iPad? What the heck is the name?

    Will accessories from the original iPad/ 2 fit "The New iPad"?
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    iOS 5.1 available today!

    Source: live Apple event, as blogged by Engadget
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    iOS 5.1 Finally Ready for Release

    Let's keep this ON-TOPIC, guys.
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    Is there an App that-

    A Dropbox shared folder lets multiple people modify its content.
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    Apple’s next iPad will be available on March 16th, additional launch event planned !

    So this is just a rumor from a random Apple Store employee?