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    Opening books from iBooks in another app

    Thanks Mailyn, I thought that was the case. Maybe something will change within Apple's iBooks in June at the developers conference. If we buy the book and use it on that device, we should be able to use it in another app. (my two cents)
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    You might try eNotebook. It can write on DOC, PPT, and PDF files. The app uses a Reader/Writer mode to keep the downloaded files clean and reusable and the handwritten notes in a separate folder.
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    Opening books from iBooks in another app

    I was wondering if Apple allows for their iBooks to be opened in another app? For example, other apps can access Contact, Safari, or Calendar to name a few. Can my app access the books I've downloaded into iBooks? Thanks- Giff
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    Apps that annotate word documents

    The eNotebook app can write on DOC, PPT, and PDF files without file conversions. You could check it out in the App Store.
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    New iPad app: eNotebook app allows annotations on DOC, PPT, and PDF files

    in iTunes: eNotebook for iPad on the iTunes App Store READ AND WRITE OVER YOUR TEACHER’S CLASS FILES With most teachers using DOC, PPT, and PDF file formats, no file conversions are needed for students to quickly switch from reading a file, taking notes on that file’s page, and then...
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    I Pad not charging

    I found that I needed to replace my charger when the cord became detached from the connection to the iPad. I used to just pull the cord and pop out the iPad connector. You might want to verify that the cord is still connected securely. Now I take out my replacement cable from the connector...