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  1. J

    The New iPad 3 Retina Display VS. iPad 2 Display BATTLE!

    Just looking at the difference on photos (from years ago) - there is no comparison. The new iPad beats it hands down. Stunning display.
  2. J

    Quick Poll: New iPad Feedback

    It's just amazing, I have iPad 1 as well and the difference is just unbelievable - cant see any other tablet getting even close for the next few years.
  3. J

    New ipad takes lomger to charge then ipad2

    Thanks Marilyn, I was wondering the same thing. Was getting worried there was a problem, It's taking ages to charge but like you say it's not a problem.
  4. J

    Returning my new iPad.

    I love mine. I doubt you will get your money back.
  5. J

    My HD Video Review: The New IPad

    Looks brilliant, mine has just arrived - cant open it until Sunday. It's for the wife on mothers day, I am just sat here staring at the box - its absolute torture :p
  6. J

    Syncreon parcel service

    Hi everyone, just a quick heads up for you all. Those of us in the uk that are having our new iPads delivered delivered today by Syncreon Parcel Service please be aware they are now part of the UK mail group. You will not be able to track your order on the Syncreon website. To save all the...
  7. J

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    I have a tracking number from someone called "syncreon logistics" - never heard of them. My tracking number doesn't even exist according to their website.:eek:
  8. J

    First Photos Taken by New iPad Camera Appear

    It looks OK to me, just taken in low light. I have some terrible quality shots on my 4s and some great ones. At the end of the day the iPad is primarily a computer - the camera is an add on.
  9. J

    New iPad to Go On Sale at 8: 00 A.M. This Friday

    I have taken the day off to sign for mine, when I say mine I mean the wife's lol. It's a surprise for mothers day from my little lad (that's what I will tell her anyway) :D. I honestly have not been this exited in ages - hope it gets delivered early!
  10. J

    Buying the "New iPad"?

    I am buying the new one for my wife (that's what I am telling her anyway lol), I didn't upgrade my iPad 1 for the 2 - didn't seem a big enough jump up.
  11. J

    Which IPAD is best for new one?

    For the extra money I would say the new one, not just because of the obvious improvements. It will have a greater resale value later on. Can't believe some people are selling their pre ordered iPads on eBay for thousands of pounds already. Hope these greedy people get what they deserve and fail...
  12. J

    Pre order question, please help.

    Great, thanks for the info. Hope it comes in plain packaging - don't want the surprise ruined.
  13. J

    Pre order question, please help.

    Thank you, I might be in good books for at least one day this year lol.
  14. J

    Pre order question, please help.

    Hi guys, sorry if this question has already been asked. I have pre ordered a new iPad for delivery on 16th, is there any chance it will be delivered a day early? (I have pre ordered video games before and they normally get here a day early). And will the package have "Apple" written all over it...
  15. J

    New member

    Hi all, looking forward to getting involved with the community. My name is Tim, originally from Liverpool (UK) but now happily living in the Midlands. Since owning an original iPod and iPhone I have become a massive apple fan, have an iPad 1 which i love but never seem to get off the wife and...