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    The new game for iPad and iPhone Picture Hangman

    Picture Hangman is a new game for iPhone and iPad, which is an incredibly clever twist of the classic word game. It offers you to trade in words for pictures and enjoy your favorite game from the new, fresh point of view. In the Picture Hangman there are images to be guessed, and each level...
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    iPad Games for Kids - Tappie Puzzle

    iPad game for kid’s development Tappie Puzzles is one of the most popular iPad games among children aged 4+ It entertains and educates at the same time, allowing a child to discover the Earth in the form of an adventurous journey. There are 5 main locations in the game a kid may feel...
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    iPad Game - Real Meal Cafe - Coming Soon!

    Hello everyone. We’ve made a video for our upcoming game for iPad, you can find it here: It’s the first time we’ve tried ourselves in making own game, so we would be grateful if you leave your comments. Thanks in advance!
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    Morphous - Game for iPad - Graphics Design

    iPad puzzle game Morphous is a 2D arcade game. There is a universe with the Sun ready to burn everything down. The player’s task is to keep it cold and prevent from overheating. This is the main menu illustration of the game. We were intended to develop impressively cosmic but at the same...
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    Games for iPad - Tiny Tiger Adventures

    Hello everyone and welcome our new big game for iPad. I’ll try to show you this iPad game development process, together with game graphics and user interface design. The game concept is a mixture of reversed Tetris, Critter Crunch and Lumines ideas. There is a strict distinction of the items...