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    How long does it take to back up your iPad?

    Let's just say that it is PAINFULLY SLOW!!!!! My biggest complaint with the device.
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    ANY have the Skadoosh Stand?

    Very nice stand there. Seems a tad pricey for me for what it is but very very nice.
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Thanks for the review. Nice case.
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    iPad Exchange Client

    I haven't noticed any difference in battery drain with my exchange account active at all.
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    Does The Virtual Keyboard Do The Job...?

    I am getting better at using the keyboard on the iPad slowly but surely. I hate that the "I" doesn't always capitalize and i hate hitting n when i mean to hit the keyboard. Overall, it works. In portrait with the thumbs it is pretty good too.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Pretty much 90% of my computing. Love it.
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    Google Earth Out Now for iPad

    Really enjoy this application.
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    iPad Class Action

    Saw that coming.
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    Slingbox on The iPad.

    Yeah. We are still waiting for the actual sling iPad app. Until then it is an iPhone app only. At least it works.
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    Copy and paste a calendar event

    I've always hated that we canr copy events. Seems really dumb to me.
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    My one month review of the iPad

    Great review. Bottom line: time to jailbreak.
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    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    I think of the 3G as a back up. I will always use wifi but when there isn't any I will probably get a decent enough signal. Plus. I wanted the gps option.
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    Added the unlimited plan 15 minutes after purchasing the device. Even though the service tends to be absolutely awful here in Los Angeles.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Stock Apple case here. Really like it and thought that I wouldn't at all. Also ordered a Boog slip pouch that is backordered.