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    A few minor problems....

    Thanks i'll give it a go
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    A few minor problems....

    My iPad has recently started showing the battery status as charged but the percentage was less than 100% has this happened to anyone else? Also when on iTunes and the app store my iPad crashes before the full top one hundred are shown. Has anyone has either of these problems? Thanks Connor.
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    Mute or Rotation Lock?

    Rotation lock for me
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    Will you name your Ipad?

    Called my iPad1 "MiPad"
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    I have a dead pixel on my iPad 1 but it only shows up when the area is black otherwise is ok so it doesn't bother me than much
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    Garage band downloading

    During my first use it did crash on me but that was after 2 1/2 hours :)
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    Garage band downloading

    I live in Scotland and am downloading garage band for my ipad1
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    Ipad vs laptop

    The only things missing on iPad are Flash player and a USB port other than that there pretty similar, iPads are thinner then most laptops makes it easier for travel. There are also cheaper than most laptops. Most other things that you can do on a laptop that you can't do on an iPad are easy to...
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    Smart Covers Announced for the iPad 2

    On the video for the smart covers on Apple there is a disclaimer at the end saying the colour on the leather cases may rub off. Not sure if they mean rub off on the iPad or off in general
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    iMovie and GarageBand Apps Announced for iPad

    I would say if u update to 4.3 then you could use garage band but iMovie won't be able to use all features I.e live video capture but that is the only hurdle I see
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    White or black?

    Incase people are unaware there is a small disclaimer thing on the smart case video at the end saying that the colour on the Leather cases may rub off. Not sure if thats on the iPad or in general but just thought i'd give those who were considering getting a leather case a wee heads-up
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Either lack of flash but not exactly a big deal to me. Or that they changed the flick switch on the side to mute instead of orientation lock
  13. C

    Ipad 2 model?

    16GB Wifi only most likely, (in White, love it!) Savin up for going to the states in the summer so it's all I can afford to pay
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    White or black?

    Definitely White F@#!£NG beautiful!
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    What's your favourite position with iPad?

    Lying down on my bed. So lying on my back. I use it for college with a small stand thing for the typing angle
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    Got mine as an 18th b'day present last June
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    iPad1 owners: Will you upgrade to iPad2?

    I don't know for sure but I'm sure u can plug in a new iPad and use the most recent back-up from the first one onto the new one. That way you'll have all the data from the first onto the second. But I'm not too sure
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    iPad1 owners: Will you upgrade to iPad2?

    I am in LOVE with the White iPad. I got the 16g 3G iPad for my b'day in June and will be definitely getting a 16g White iPad before the summer.