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    Waiting For iPad Stuck on iTunes

    Hey buddy, I am one of the people who was having the same problem above in this thread. I feel your frustration, and here's how I got my case fixed up.. Since I narrowed the problem down to being of a hardware-case, and not a software-case, I contacted apple customer service chat care (really...
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    help with Mic not detected

    hello everyone I hope anyone could help me with my problem. My iPad is unable to detect that my earphones have a mic with them. when I am making a call (Skype), or recording a memo, my iPad uses the built in mic and ignores the ones with my earphones. this gets annoying as I had to speak...
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    What does "Rev A" mean?

    Are you sure? The trick have worked with my iPhone 4S and iPad 3.. I'm doing this for my brothers iPad 2
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    What does "Rev A" mean?

    Hi, I want to download iOS firmware for my iPad from google. I opened the list, and found two iPad 2 6.0.1 wifi only for wares. One says "Rev A" and the other doesn't. What does that mean? PS the purpose of this is not for jail breaking. I just need to restore my iPad with a non-SaudiArabian...
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    Prevent youtube from lowering video resolution on 3G

    What I'm trying to say is.. YouTube lowers my video resolution when it detects that I'm on 3G. I don't want that. I want to fix that by either preventing it from detecting that I'm on 3G, or being able to manually control video-resolution, if any of those are possible. If not, are any other...
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    Prevent youtube from lowering video resolution on 3G

    Hi My carrier provides me with an unlimited 3G plan with high speed. So I do not have to worry about 3G overcharging. Wen I'm outside, and I want to watch a video on YouTube, the video quality is really, really low because YouTube detects that I am on 3G. How can I prevent YouTube from doing...
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    Help finding game data file

    Hi I downloaded NFS Most Wanted on my iPad. I have progressed fine with the game. Then I bough a new iPad. I downloaded the game there but I had to start all over from scratch. My old iPad is jail broken. And I have ifile on it. I managed to navigate to the game's folder, but cannot tell...
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    How to display time in safe-mode?

    hi i sometimes like to kick on safemode and take a break from all the "jailbreak" on my phone. how to do enable the time to appear on the status bar when I'm safe mode?
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    iMessages Server Problem

    Hi I am having troubles with iMessages, well, my Internet provider and iMessages. I'm kinda not sure how to explain my problem, so bear with me a bit. My Internet provider is kinda crappy. Some of the websites I wasn't able to load recently (random websites). and to make this work, I had to...
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    Auto Silent Mode?

    SBProfiles is the best for that!!
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    Auto Silent Mode?

    hey all is there an app anybody knows about that does what's described in the attached photo? (if the pic isn't clear enough please let me know)
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    record from iPhone speakers

    oh no.. I don't want to record convos. there's an app that streams music and I want to record from it
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    record from iPhone speakers

    hi, anyone knows about an app or tweak that allows to record what comes out of the iPhone speakers? preferably in good quality thanks
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    iCloud inquiry

    hi, are the pictures saved in Photo Stream the same ones saved on iCloud as my Camera Roll? i.e. if I turn-off-and-delete the back up of Camera Roll from iCloud backup, will my Photo Stream photos disappear??
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    Viber on ipad 2

    nope, it requires a mobile number, this only works on phones
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    An amazing program, Shairport

    I love this program! thought I'd share the joy...
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    Add a song to playlist from "now playing"

    hi, anyone knows a way/tweak that could help me add a song to a certain play list from the "now playing" screen? seriously, what's wrong with an "add to playlist" button on that screen...
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    make folder directories in Notes app

    cool. I'll give it a try anyway. thanks!
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    make folder directories in Notes app

    hi, anyone knows a way/tweak that could help me arrange my notes into folders? (the default Notes app. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    browser with custom downloading directory

    thanks, that's what I exactly needed!
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    browser with custom downloading directory

    thanks I'll try asking there Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    browser with custom downloading directory

    hi anyone knows an app/browser that will download its files to var/mobile/media/downloads? or maybe one with a custom downloading directory so I can set it to that? buz