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    HDMI adapter thoughts

    I was thinking about getting the HDMI adapter for my iPad. But before I spend the bucks, I was wondering if anyone who has bought one could share their thoughts. Also, it works the same with the first iPad and iPad 2 right? I have the original iPad. Thanks for any help!!!!
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    Ejecto iPad-O!

    So the VCR actually ejects the iPad? That's kinda cool, you have a pretty good imagination!
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    I really enjoy these boards

    That's funny! That has to be my favorite Clint eastwood movie of all time!
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    I really enjoy these boards

    I'm a member of many different types of discussion boards, xbox 360, ps3, etc. This by far has to be the best one. Everyone here is extremely helpful, and unlike all the other boards I visit, no one makes newer members feel like idiots for posting newbie questions. Just wanted to say thanks...
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    10w power adapter

    I just bought the 10w power adapter this morning. This thing is totally worth the 30 bucks I payed for it. Its always nice to have an extra wall plug and sync cable.
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions...I finally got the page to copy
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    Questions on Ipad

    I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read that the screen resolution was gonna be the same s the current one. Like I said though, I may have misread that. It would be a shame if that's the way it was gonna be, you'd think they would update the resolution in the new model.
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    For some reason, there is a certain web page that will not let me copy more than one word when using my iPad. Could that be because maybe the website is copy protected or something?
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    Otterbox defender

    Hey everybody, I've been a huge otter box fan for a long time now... Mainly due to the awesome customer service they provide. I am thinking about picking up an otter box defender for my iPad this upcoming Friday. Is there anyone here who has one that can share their thoughts about the case...
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    Camera connection kit

    Thanks everyone for the input....kinda sucks it won't work with the might come in handy
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    Camera connection kit

    I have a question, and it's probably a stupid one at that. I know this isn't an iPhone board, but it does have to do with the iPad accessory. Has anyone ever tried the camera connection kit on an iPhone 4? More importantly, the sd card part of the adapter. I wonder if that would also work with...
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    Camera connection kit

    I was looking at the camera connection kit a few days ago. I had thought about getting one so i can transfer photos to my iPad with the sd card adapter. My question is, is it worth 30 bucks? Or is there a non apple brand one that's cheaper? I probably won't use the camera adapter, just the...
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    Apple iPad announced one year ago today

    Doesn't seem like it's been that long.
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    connecting ipad to cellphone for wifi?

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 4, and an app called mywi, and I tether my phone and iPad, and my laptop. The mywi app is 20 bucks, but that's a one time fee. Better than paying a monthly charge for capped tethering data through the carrier.
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    Screen orientation lock

    Oh ok, yea that's what I was talking about was the mute switch being able to be used as the lock. Thanks everyone for the replies.
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    Screen orientation lock

    I thought I read somewhere that iOS 4.3 was going to bring back the screen orientation lock. Is this true? Or am i thinking wrong?
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    Just bought the iPad

    Hey everyone, I posted a question about the iPad yesterday. I was gonna wait til Friday to buy one, but I went ahead and decided to head to best buy today. After much debate, I ended up going with the 16 gb wifi only version. I can tether my iPad to my iPhone, so I didn't see the need...
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    iPad Question

    I'm a security guard for a company that makes grenades and other explosives for the military. Watchin movies and surfin the internet helps me keep my sanity in between the times i make my rounds lol.
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    iPad Question

    Hey everybody, I just have a quick question. I am planning on buying an ipad on friday, as a take to work replacement for my laptop. I plan on using it mainly for web browsing, a few gigs of music, and a few movies at a time. All of my movies will be stored on my external hard drive at home...