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    Lost itunes

    Just upgraded to os5 and I can't get iTunes to download or copy any of the music I have on my iPad, iPod or iTunes on my pc. Any ideas?
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    Help with os5

    Hi I am new to iPad and am trying to synch with iTunes on my PC and then download os5. My laptop gets to "backing up iPad" and runs for hours. Any ideas and how do I download Os 5? Thx
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    Icloud syncing between ipad, iphone, macbook problems

    I have an iPad 2, an iPhone 4 and a PC. I am tying to download 5.0 so I can use cloud. When I sync the iPad between the PC (iTunes) and iPad, it runs for hours and tells me it is syncing but actually it is hung up. Any help or ideas? Thank you
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    Ipad and iphone wont back up to pc

    I am new. How do I get to the help section?
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    Ipad and iphone wont back up to pc

    Y iPad and phone won't back up tp iTunes on my PC. The process begins, updates version 5 then starts the backup process. After a few seconds the indicator bar stops and locks up with no movement. Backup stops. Any ideas? Rick