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    iCloud Keychain does not offer to save logins/passwords

    J.A. this was the problem - thanks so much for directing us to the solution. All now works as advertised! Cheers from Canada!
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    iCloud Keychain does not offer to save logins/passwords

    iPad 4th gen., iOS 7.1.1, iCloud account, iCloud Keychain Setup according to: There is a Passcode in place, a mobile phone SMS verification is setup and works, Safari Passwords and Autofill Settings all green. Initially (and still) no remembered...
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    [GIVEAWAY 2] Brand New AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for the iPad Air Contest!

    My son and I really enjoy Hayao Miyazaki's work - especially The Wind Rises
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    Disabling iCloud

    Tried that as well - restored too! Problem persisted but was corrected finally by changing Sync period in Calendar Settings - who'd a thunk?
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    Disabling iCloud

    Just found that it receives new events from other device, but won't send events.
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    Disabling iCloud

    Tried to use iCloud -Cal-sync on/off several times with iPad 4 (iOS 7.0.4) . Yet no change from recently (last three days) entered calendar entries on iPad as compared to iPhone 5s, MacMini (Mavericks 10.9.1) and iCould web page. Does this suggest my next step is iPad restore?
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    iPad receives but won't send calendar events

    No RodC, WiFi only.
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    FaceTime and multiple iOS device problem

    Yes Seneca18, calls go out. Will do the restore as you've suggested. Thanks!
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    E-Mail Deletion

    iCloud email uses the IMAProtocol (IMAP). Therefore: 1) you can organize your emails into folders (mailboxes) that are identical on all devices subscribed to that email address (service) 2) deleting a message from inbox one device results in it being removed from Inbox on all devices...
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    FaceTime and multiple iOS device problem

    Scenario: iPad (4) and iPhone (4s), both upgraded to iOD 6.1. FaceTime ON with Apple ID and password properly entered on both devices "You can be reached by FaceTime at" has phone number checked for the iPhone and Apple ID email (hotmail) checked for the iPad. No one can call the iPad using...
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    Apps for people in IT

    ---------------------- Since posting this message a year ago I've since discovered a couple of solutions exist to meet this challenge and decided to go with Air Server. My clients worldwide have an excellent view of a full screen iPad (mine) on their computer or laptop via TeamViewer. Note...
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    iPad receives but won't send calendar events

    Since about two weeks, calendar events scheduled on my iPad rarely arrive on my iPhone (both iOS 6.0.1) or my iMac (10.8..2). However events scheduled on the iPhone and iMac sync as usual on all devices. Tried restoring iPad twice. Turned Calendar Off (deleted events off iPad) and then back On...
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    Sorry, I meant AO_QC. :)
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    Thanks AC_QC! That is a great workaround. Cheers.
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    Has anyone managed to find a keyboard (e.g. Apple Bluetooth) shortcut to invoke the New iPad's "Siri" speech to text? If not, and you are an external keyboard user, please suggest this keyboard shortcut to Apple: Thanks.
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    Connecting iPad to hd tv

    Hello and welcome to the iPad 3 Forum. You didn't say where you got your adaptor or what make it is and yes kt may be the problem, but first I suggest you check this support page:
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    How are they delivering them to homes?

    My new iPad 3 has been sitting in a Louisville UPS facility since Tuesday morning with no change in its location. So I patiently wait in northern Canada - which will come first, Spring or the iPad?
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    I be too fast.
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    Hello, Actually I believe you are referring to Apple's guide to how to use Air Print:
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    Cloudon - available from UK app store

    We've had it in Canada for a couple of weeks now and I agree, it's a very neat / innovative solution.
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    can't connect to itunes

    Hello Please clarify: 1) have you ever connected / synced this iPad with the computer in question, or is the first "out of the box" attempt. 2) if answer to 1) indicates you've synced this iPad to the same computer before, are you trying to sync with cable or via wi-fi? Looking forward to...
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    Sorry, found the answer elsewhere: [/I]fixed mine, hope I can help others. * I did an uninstall and reinstall.* Then created exact folders in my C: drive in my G: (Photo Stream folder with subfolders Uploads and My Photo Stream).*...
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    Can Twerppoet or someone verify that upload to Photostream from a WIN 7 PC is possible by dragging (pasting) photos into the the 2nd folder created when Photostream is activated in the iCloud Control Panel?
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    Rotating Case advice

    Try again with this link:
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    Rotating Case advice

    Try this time:
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    organizing contacts for multiple users..

    One option is a shared Store Apple ID for sharing Apps, Music, Books, and then separate iCloud accounts with individually synced Contacts.
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    Getting data from computor to Ipad

    Sorry, last line cut off in previous post: Settings --> General --> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
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    Getting data from computor to Ipad

    Hello and Welcome to the Forum. Please note that iCloud (Internet backup and sync) requires Windows Vista or Windows 7. However, a local Sync is compatible with Windows XP (although I believe SP3 is required). Did you enable the device settings in iTunes (on XP) while your iPad is connected...
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    contact auto-suggestions in mail

    Hello and Welcome to the Forum. My first thought is that those addresses are somewhere in your Contacts app. I've confirmed this in the past by finding and deleting a contact from Contacts - and "voila" that contact is no longer appearing as a suggestion when composing a new message. Let us...
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    Find my iphone

    Hello and Welcome to the Forum. First I suggest you confirm that you have only one iCloud account. Are both devices signed into ( registered with) iCloud for Find My Phone Next, when you sign in to the Find My Phone, have you selected Devices on the left top corner. Please advise. Cheers
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    ipad2 camera not working!

    Salut, Can you be more specific please. What happens when you open the Camera App?
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    Reading scientific papers on an iPad

    BlueFire Reader can enable reading of Adobe DRM pubs, however the app can be a bit wonky. Note that there isn't a legal way to remove the Adobe Digital editions DRM from ePubs ...
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    Itunes problem

    Do you have more than one Apple ID? Also, have you tried to update the already purchased app in iTunes on your computer, and then Sync?
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    I suggest PDFpen for iPad
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    anyone use cashforipad?

    I encourage folks to use (currently not available for iOS) the crowdsourcing system - WOT (world of trust) to acquire the input of thousands to tens of thousands of the millions of WOT members who have had trouble with the 15 or more websites operated by the same "bait and switch" operation...
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    Fraud Charges from iTunes

    Does anyone have useful advice on preventing this kind of fraud? I use a "bombproof" complex string password with my appleid. Similar "bombproof" complex string for wireless key. I only make purchases within my home. Is the weak point Apple's security protection during our purchases, or have the...
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    iPF App Limitationf

    Thanks for pointing out this solution . Much appreciated!
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    iPF App Limitationf

    I've always subscribed to the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". The browser (computer) based version of this forum allows for the addition of an image to an explanation. Perhaps that capability could be incorporated into the iPad App?
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    Can't Make Paypal Default Payment Type?

    Just had another thought - what are the settings on your iPad: Settings --> Store --> Apple ID (scroll down to find this) --> View Apple ID --> (enter password again) --> Payment Information
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    Can't Make Paypal Default Payment Type?

    That's unfortunate! Patience, someone from this forum will surely have an answer for you shortly. Cheers from Canada.