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    My jailbreaking story

    To everyone his own opinion. Not everyone is able to use a jailbroken iPad without breaking it.
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    Installing Android on the iPad

    The reaction you could expect in this thread is: Why would you, other things are better or easier. My personal opinion on both these subjects is: Interresting, contemplating difficult subjects is good for your brain. Thanks for mentioning Malborge, very interresting.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    Timey, may I ask what tweaks you have that may cause this? I hope to find what app causes this so this can be solved insteadnof just worked around.
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    is there a way to find in what folder is an app?

    Why would you? If you're serious enough you should check jailbreaking. Ssh or iFile could help, but you need to understand what jailbreaking is. Look in the ipad hacking forums for info and help.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    You can still swipe down the notification area, although it looks messed up. If you have sbsettings, you should be able to respring (swipe the sbsettings icons right) from there. But what tweaks do you use/ did you use last time it happened? I think you use foldericons, don't you?
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    Start menu

    Did you try putting a folder on your dock? You could make it much like a start menu...even call it that. Remember that this is iOS, not windows, so anything that copies the windows start menu too much could soon lead to copyright or patent infringements.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    No, but if you run into it (the problem of the strange layout of the springboard), you can respring it, as a workaround. If you report what tweaks you have installed, especially ones in common with the OP, maybe we can find out what tweak causes the problem.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    You can respring with sbsettings. That solves it untill you reboot.
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    Springboard problem.

    And if the problem persists, follow and contribute to this (active) thread: . A nice search would have brought you there...
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    If you have foldericons installed, uninstall it and report back if it worked please. If not, just report back what tweaks you have in common with the OP, please.
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    Can I tether to a droid phone?

    Doesn't the droid have the option to turn on 'mobile hotspot' which would give you a wifi acces point from your phone to internet. I thought it was basic from android 2.3 up.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    This happened to me before i had f.lux installed.(I have it now, works fine afaik) I also have foldericons, winterboard, sbsettings and activator in common with OP. Maybe this helps. My geuss would be foldericons, but it does not anoy me enough to find out; I don't reboot often and a simple...
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    how to delete files

    Usually the app that got them for you gives an option to delete them. Don't be a pirate by the way.
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    How to copy files onto iPad 2

    Dropbox is also a good way to get files from any device to any device with internet capabilities. The camera connection kit won't work unless you are jailbroken. It only reads files from a dcim folder.
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    Heelpp! please do reply in my thread :(

    And that is what i try to do. My comment is intended to be helpfull, in consideration he/she is new here and it is in no way my intention to belittle someone.
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    Jerky after installing Infiniboard and Infinidock

    I have infiniboard, -dock and -folders and they're all smooth. But I don't have many icons. None of my folders are full and i have one page with one extra icon, out of 2 pages. Dock has 2 pages.
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    A Serious Plea for Help - from a novice Ipad user

    I'd call apple, they are the only ones who could do it if it is possible at all. I don't think anybody else could do it because it would be a huge security issue.
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    my cydia is messed up help!!!!!!

    And after that, never remove cydia again. It is unlikely it will ever be broken. Sometimes it needs to update itself or its sources, that's all.
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    Ipad 2 resetting automatically

    Does it get hot? Is it jailbroken? Did you install anything in the weeks before it started to happen? Have you been to an apple store? Is it fully charged? So many things can play a part in things like this, it's vital you give any information you can think of.
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    Heelpp! please do reply in my thread :(

    And a tread title describing or at least noting the problem helps to attract the right people to read your post. In example, "Apps not working/ opening".
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    Working Siri Proxy !!

    If you are trying this " ", have you read the second post?
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    condividere foto scattata con iphone nel ipad?

    Isn't the native language english in this forum(section)? International iPad Users <-that is for threads in any language. I could be wrong, but I think it's better to keep the rest of the forum in the native language.
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    Backgrounder ios5

    Thanks for the informative video. It's good to know how it works. It would still be nice to have some more control over it.
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    my cydia is messed up help!!!!!!

    And how was it broken?
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    video freezes on playback on iPad2 but also iTunes on laptop

    The video is corrupt. You could try to redownload, but maybe the source is corrupt. In that case you should contact your supplier.
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    Backgrounder ios5

    Imho ios does not multitask. If you open an app, set it to load something, switch to another task, wait and switch back, nothing has loaded. A tweak that let the first task finish loading while an other task is active would be great.
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    Issue with Bluetooth connection of ipad2 with a stereo headset

    This is done by apple for reasons i can't understand. This is not an error or fault of either your ipad2 or stereo bluetooth headset.
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    Jailbreak and OS update

    You can read everything about jailbreaking in the sticky jailbreaking explained thread. It is the basis of almost all ipad hacking.
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    How to save shsh blobs for ios 5

    5.0.1 is currently the latest version so for the time being you are safe. But as soon as the new ios is released the ipad will ask to upgrade through a notification message in itunes.
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    Blank icons after jailbreak

    It happened to me without any piracy, just to be clear.
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    You only need wifi for icloud, since everything will be stored online at apple servers. Your ios version can be seen in settings>general>about under version. To update you need itunes on a pc with internet connection or maybe you can do it ota (over the air) in the settings>general>check for...
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    Grand theft auto 3 shooting controls

    On ios version there is only auto-aim. There is no option to change it in settings. You can aim with sniper rifle, but it doesn't work well. Too slow.
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    An idiots guide to iFile

    You access it through iFile>settings>about iFile.
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    Jailbreak ipad2 4.3.5 ?!

    There is none, and there never will be. There is a jailbreak for 5.0.1 released 'just days before' and it took over 10 months to develop, so there is no reason to jailbreak 4.3.5. Soon apple will release iOS 5.0.2 or 5.2. After that you won't be able to upgrade from 4.3.5 to 5.0.1 because apple...
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    Cydia is not showing any packages

    Changes>refresh helped me to fix this problem. Waiting for it to finish (instead of browsing in cydia) seemed to help.
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    Blank icons after jailbreak

    Rebooting helps most of the time. I had the cydia icon go blank and reboot wouldn't help. Letting cydia refresh it's packages fixed it (cydia>changes>refresh).
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Google has the answer to all gereral questions. Forums offer personal help. If you have a question on how to do something, ask google. If you run into problems noone else seems to have, go to a forum. But since noone really is special (i know your mother said so, but she was wrong) your question...
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Short explanation: GOOGLE. Short enough? Now stop posting questions like how, what, where osx, vmware, windows and just wait for the windows jailbreak if you don't understand those things or google it, PLEASE. Don't reduce this thread to an unreadable pile of **** (any further).
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    It looks just like the googlecached version of I think it is a mirror.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Does the jb need an active internet connection? Btw. The .us version of greenpois0n is still up (