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    Public Lockdown

    Hi All... I've purchased 3 ipad2s (IOS6) to be used in a public setting... I want to lock down the iPads so that the ONLY icon on the desktop is Safari. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to have TWO that unlocks the ipad...another to get into settings?
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    Uninstalling apps

    Hi all... Is this a true statement? When I uninstall an unwanted removes all traces of that App from the iPad (no hobos)?? (sorry to ask this...I'm a new to ipad and a PC user by nauture...)
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Noob here...made through all 91 the flick tip and kill app tip about a hundred However, I know way more about my pad than I did a few weeks ago... I'm trying to get the pagezipper tip working...could someone in the know elaborate this setup?
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    Sorry for the noob questions...

    First time iPad user (I'm a microsoft goldenboy)....purchased 2 days ago...starting to love it. Is that a "power" button on the top of my iPad??? (next to the headphone jack) What is the difference between hitting that button, hitting the button on the face, or letting my iPad power off via...
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    My Review: Marware Hybrid C.E.O. case

    Just bought one on ebay...$29.95 thanks for the review.
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    Consumers Want iPhone 5, Not iPad Mini, According to Survey

    Suspect the mini iPad is to compete with other sized tablets...(i.e...7" Nexus, etc) Wonder how much more expensive it will be... I have an android phone...contemplating the iPhone vs. the Galaxy3 for my next...seeing a larger screened iPhone would probably seal my decision. I vote iPhone.
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    New NOOB

    Thanks everyone!!
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    New NOOB

    Hello iPad Forums...just purchased my 1st personal iPad...(choosing iPad2 over 3) I'm a microsoft system admin for a college university. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills to the Apple platform.