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    iPad2 Calendar doesn't launch anymore after OS5 upgrade

    Ipad calendar (the native version) opened once after upgrade and crashed. Now it can't even be launched anymore. I tried restart, reboot, stopped iCloud, restarted, stopped calendar in settings and restarted, synced, backed up etc etc did just about everything except a complete reinstallation. I...
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    iPad app PAGES cannot be updated - message from iTunes: This App Doesn't Work On iPad

    Bought PAGES, an Apple app which worked fine until yesterday after I received notification through iTunes of an availabe upgrade. As I attempted to download the upgrade, a message appeared: THIS APP DOESN'T FUNCTION ON IPAD! How bizarre is this? The PAGES app is made for iPad, the upgrade is...
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    ipad 2 in a crash rut

    Thank you for this. Sadly, none of this helped and I had to do a full restore using iTunes. My iPad is back in operation but with an updated OS which wasn't my intention but couldn't be avoided. STill, I would like to find out what caused this issue in the first place. Now I have another...
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    ipad 2 in a crash rut

    A two month old iPad2, regular handling. All of a sudden, certain apps (even pre loaded ones) started crashing. The settings crashed! I shut the ipad down and rebooted, since then, it is frozen. A reset (holding both buttons down) will get it in a rut. A frozen screen with a slider and...
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    App for Notes which can be searched alphabetically

    Hi. I have been looking for an app for Notes which can be searched allphabetically. Can't find one. Notemaster is an exception, but the space you have to write in is about as large as an iPhone, which defeats the purpose of having an iPad. Anyone out there who's found an app which allows an...
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    av conversion cables and an analog tv without hdmi

    Ok, but can you view movies played from an app like Movie Player or Azul, or AV player, not just youtube or photos? The point is, I would like to watch movies stred on my iPad, using it like a media player. i'm not really interested in viewing images or video clips played in the pre loaded apps.
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    av conversion cables and an analog tv without hdmi

    I have an iPad2 and a couple of tv's without hdmi connection. Apple av conversion cables should be the way to connect iPad2 to tv enabling me to watch not just youtube clips or photos, but also movies in either avapp or movie app or... not? The local Apple store here in Kuwait tells me I cannot...
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    1 iPad, multiple computers

    Hi. Last month I bought and set up my iPad on a computer in my second home. Now, I want to set up and sync my iPad with my computer in my other place but find that, although I authorized the 'new' computer to transfer the apps from the ipad to the computer, the apps remain 'greyed out' and when...