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  1. axis

    Best word processor for iPad?

    I cant see past apples iWork's apps at this time until (unless) microsoft release a version of ms office for ios.
  2. axis

    Basic Facebook app questions....

    How odd. As you see, the picture I uploaded using this method appears on my wall. I would be tempted to delete and reinstall the app and see if that helps maybe?
  3. axis

    Basic Facebook app questions....

    Sorry, can't be any more help then. It works fine on mine, just press photo and choose from library and it should work?
  4. axis

    Basic Facebook app questions....

    You can't 'share' a photo from someone's page via the app, I don't know why. The app will upload and publish your own photo though.
  5. axis

    The movie that impressed yout the most!

    Ok, to answer the OP's question, "what movie IMPRESSED me most" I would say the one that stands out for me is The Matrix. It's not my favourite film, or the funniest, the one I enjoy watching over and over or even the best I have seen but it did IMPRESS me. The concept, cinematography...
  6. axis

    Returning us ipad2

    Apple is apple
  7. axis


    I have a small, feint scratch near my camera, I installed a screen protector and now the scratch is invisible. Of course it wasn't big or deep so YMMV.
  8. axis

    Turn off

    Back to apple it goes me thinks.
  9. axis

    Ghange bio on ipf

    Change your bio by accessing the website through a browser, not through the app.
  10. axis

    Left hand side of the road car games

    It's not the wrong side. It's the left side.
  11. axis

    Thinking of IPad purchase???

    1. Yes 2. No. If you have sky tv then the sky apps are free anyway and are pretty handy.
  12. axis

    The Olympic Torch Relay

    I'm not saying there hasn't been profiteering going on but in fairness most of the torches being sold on are to benefit the torch bearers charities further, not everything is as you first read it. Here is my boy (blue England top) and his best mate holding the torch used by one of the runners a...
  13. axis

    Who Thinks It's Worth Going From iPad 2 to iPad 3?

    As I said, to each his own, seriously if you're happy that's great, it's your iPad. For me personally the RAM and retina display were the deciding factor, I just had to save a little longer.
  14. axis

    Cat vs Dog, which is better? (iPad owner survey)

    Ive had both over the years, I have a dog at the moment after he loss of my cats (one through illness and the other through old age). Cats are certainly easier to look after IMHO.
  15. axis

    iPad Office Suite - HELP!

    I'm currently trying to work with apples iWork's suite and one or two additional apps.
  16. axis

    I get my first Ipad today. Should be here by noon CST. I am excited

    Interaction with iTunes can be minimal now.
  17. axis


    I'm a Gooner.
  18. axis

    Who Thinks It's Worth Going From iPad 2 to iPad 3?

    If you are happy that's super but one thing you didnt mention was that the ipad3 has twice the RAM
  19. axis

    2 become 1

  20. axis

    new & sharing. :)

    Great intro. Welcome.
  21. axis

    Ipad application crash , it loves to close automatically

    Possibly too many apps in open? albeit suspended. Double tap the home button or four finger swipe up to display all open apps. Press and hold on of the apps until they jiggle and display a minus sign in the corner of icon. Press the minus sign on all apps to force close them. Have you done...
  22. axis

    How many people here actually use a screen protector?

    Had my iPad for a month now and didn't think I would put a screen protector on it as i heard the glass was super strong and i didn't want to compromise the retina quality display by covering it with a bit of plastic. However, tonight with the iPad switched off I noticed a very fine hair like...
  23. axis

    Ipad 3 Wont Connect to my Home Wifi

    I'm sure you have already checked this but ... Have you ensured that you are entering you pass code with the caps lock on? These codes are case sensitive.
  24. axis

    A second Ipad

    What a top dad!
  25. axis

    Best Wifi channel on router

    Nice handy bit of kit
  26. axis

    newbie needs help with saving or copy

    Take a look at the camera roll under photos
  27. axis

    Do i need to buy more storage for my ipad2?

    How much of your 64gb has been used then?
  28. axis


    Just another example of Apple's great service ... I found my old 1st gen 2GB ipod nano last week and remembered seeing a replacement notice on the Apple website. I entered my details on the website and within 24hrs Apple had sent me a postage bag. I sent my old iPod off to them and within 48hrs...
  29. axis

    Where to get New Ipad cases?

    You have no doubt already used a search engine and checked out those links and looked at the various online auction sites?
  30. axis

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Just watching a movie with my girls :-)
  31. axis

    How do you name the "New iPad"?

    I call it iPad3. Incidentally my kids call it the dad-pad ;-)
  32. axis

    What's your favourite Car / Vehicle?

    To each his own :-D
  33. axis

    Pic on fb inyour inbox

    Not through the fb app but you can log in through safari (or another web browser) and attach a pic or vid to your messages.
  34. axis

    Pic on fb inyour inbox

    Do you want to elaborate a little?
  35. axis

    New Member as of today 13 July 2012

    Hi, Quite a few recent discussions on this very subject. Try a search.
  36. axis

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Yup have his last album (hand built ...), there is a new one out but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Edit, obviously meant first (the one from which the clip is taken) not last album.
  37. axis

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    I quite like it but on this song I still prefer to hear just Hartford and the banjo. There's a great clip of him on YouTube doing this stripped down version, the only thing he adds is a bit of extra shuffle rhythm with his feet from about half way through. Obviously Glen's recording is the...
  38. axis

    Threats protection

    If you are not jail broken just sit back, relax and enjoy your iPad. There are currently no known threats for iOS :-)
  39. axis

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    I don't think I have heard it (to my memory) but there have been so many covers of that song I may have done at some point. I'll look it up now and give it a listen.
  40. axis

    how to open email attachments on ipad 3

    What are you trying to open? And do you have the right software to be able to open that type of attachment?