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  1. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I still get crashes, it seems video and safari like to crash a lot. If I had to guess, I would say I get 4-5 crashes per day. Sometimes less sometimes more.
  2. panchucko

    iPad Air keyboard case...Logitech doesn't look too good

    I used that one you linked with my iPad 3 and the wife used it with the iPad 2. We both liked them. Now that we have upgraded to the Air, we use the zagg keys. Here is a link to a thread about the Zagg keys. I posted a few pictures of the Zagg keys...
  3. panchucko

    I demand that Zagg provide an update!

    I received our zagg keys cases too, the wife and I really like them. I had no issues getting the Air into the hinge, with my wrap (slickwrap). Sent from my iPad using iPF
  4. panchucko

    I demand that Zagg provide an update!

    So the hinge is something new there was no hinge on the key cover for iPad 2, when you say that air won't fit with skins on it, I am not familiar with the 2 you listed. I use the slickwraps skins, they are pretty thin. I may need to order one just to see.
  5. panchucko

    I demand that Zagg provide an update!

    Have you gotten the zaggkeys cover yet? I have been waiting to order one, just got the in stock email notification today
  6. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    Yes it crashed me, when I said I was introduced to 9 and 5 I meant the 9to5mac site. It crashed me and created 2 dump files a low memory and a stacks+mobilecal. I can't decipher either one After the crash I opened safari and the site was fine, I can read and tap on links.
  7. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I haven't had very many issues lately, my process was 1. Got new iPad 2. Restored from backup (iTunes) from iPad 3, had lots of crashes,with both safari and Chrome 3. Restored as new, only loaded apps as I needed them, same situation with Safari and chrome 4. Installed new patch IOS 7.0.4...
  8. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I haven't had any other crashes outside of the 9 and 5 site, so I tried the site on my iphone 5s and it crashed too. So what do we take from that?
  9. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    The 9 to 5 site. Crashed me too here I thought I was going to be good. If I tap on link it crashes, if I hold and tell it to open in new tab it doesn't crash.
  10. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    Ready for another twist? I restored my Air to my original iTunes backup (iPad 3) on Saturday. I have not had a single crash since I did the restore. Oh the joys of my Air.
  11. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I have been testing my wife's iPad air 32gb wifi, and have not been getting any crashes (2 days testing). When we got hers I restored it from iTunes, she had the 16gb iPad II Wifi. So now am really at a loss with it. I really like my air but this is crazy. On a side note we bought her air...
  12. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I have the 128GB wifi only and I get crashes from both safari and chrome, I spoke to the person that bought my iPad 3 64GB LTE Verison, and he is getting a lot of crashes using safari. I had restored it to new before he took it he doesn't have many apps installed so I just don't know. I have...
  13. panchucko

    ios 7.4 apple tv icon is missing

    I notice that the air play icon doesn't show up if there is no Apple TV present. Icon is there when I am at home, when at work no icon.
  14. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    Very cool that you haven't had any crashes with Chrome yet, I have been using Chrome for a while now and it also seems to crash, not as often as Safari but it does crash. Hope it keeps working for you.
  15. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I also restored to new then installed apps, I only installed apps that I use frequently, if I need the app I install it. For a few days everything was going good, then all of a sudden the crashes started. They happen quite often. So I installed chrome to use as browser, everything seemed to be...
  16. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    Ok, on the third day I started getting safari crashes again, it is happening when on Facebook and replying to a thread and trying to attach a photo to the comment. I can make it happen at will. I hear 7.0.4 is out I may upgrade now
  17. panchucko

    I demand that Zagg provide an update!

    Yea, we should be told when it will be released. I know that once I buy something else it will be released.
  18. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    I restored my Air, to new didn't use backup. This is second day now and I see no issues, I haven't had a Single crash and battery life improved. I must have had something installed or had bad settings on on my iPad 3 that we're conflicting with the Air Another thing I noticed is that when I...
  19. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    Thanks for the reply, yes I have tried a reset but still no changes. I am going to restore it, not use my backup.
  20. panchucko

    Issues with Air

    When I set up my Air I set up my Air I restored it from backup (iTunes) I seem to be getting a lot of safari crashes, it happens on any page at any time. I tried reading the logs in the diagnostics but I may as we'll be reading microsofts bsod log Battery, I seem to be getting only about...
  21. panchucko

    Apple Trade-in of iPad4

    I sold my ipad3 64gb verizon 4g for $450 I could have gotten more but I was satisfied with the price I now have 128gb wifi
  22. panchucko

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I will be replacing my wife's iPad 2 16GB wifi with the Air 16GB wifi as soon as I can get my hands on one. I am waiting for a month or two to replace my iPad 3 64GB Verizon 4G LTE with the Air 32GB wifi. My work supplied me with a verizon 4g LTE mifi with unlimited data for me to use, no need...
  23. panchucko

    How to stop ipad from asking password when installing/upgrading apps

    Did you install apps with another Apple ID? On my iPad I did, and when I update certain apps it asks for a passoword. I have found no way around it. I have to put the other Id/password.
  24. panchucko

    iPad owners average age

    Just part of the learning curve :)
  25. panchucko

    Going to purchase an Ipad 3.

    I have slickwraps on back and front, I have the Logitech Keyboard by Zagg as a cover. I am really happy with the Zagg, as I have dropped my iPad a few times, with the slickwrap I have no fear of scratching the back. This is a good combination for me, I have no screen protector on the front.
  26. panchucko

    Microsoft documents on ipad

    I use SmartOffice 2, mostly use excel. I got it when it was offered here for free.
  27. panchucko

    How many iPad users are iPhone users as well?

    I got the iPhone 4s, then got an iPad love them both. GOt the same for my better half too, she doesn't use the iPhone for much except calls and texts, but uses her iPad for everything.
  28. panchucko

    Is there a car charger for ipad??

    My workberry car charger has a USB port and it charges my iPad.
  29. panchucko

    My battery was fully charged when i recieved my ipad?

    I got mine on day one, and it was 90+ charged.
  30. panchucko

    Strange signs

    one from when i was in Monterey, I think this was in Carmel Valley We played so many golf courses I just can't remember Sent from my iPad using iPF
  31. panchucko

    Help!!! Plizz my ipad stolen

    can you go to the iCloud and us the find my iphone app? I used it to find my iPad when I left it at a hotel. The iPad should still be tied to your account, if you ever created one.
  32. panchucko

    Wireless Keyboard Help!

    Try going into setting on iPad and forget the bluetooth device and readd.
  33. panchucko

    Black or white iPad 2?

    Black for me too, why get white then put a black protective case all around it.
  34. panchucko

    iPad background photos YOU took!

    a few more.
  35. panchucko

    iPad background photos YOU took!

    A few of mine
  36. panchucko

    Applecare or not to Applecare?

    Call them at this number 18002752273 you will have to press this press that, until you finally talk to someone From what they told me when I bought Applecare+ was that you had to buy it within 30 days of release of iPad or buy it at same time. You will be asked for the serial number, it is...
  37. panchucko

    Anyone feel that ipad3 battery dropping faster than ipad2?

    Something I notice, actually tested it. I have zagg Bluetooth keyboard When I use or even just have the keyboard on. I notice a big time battery drain Yesterday I had iPad on keyboard on and my battery went down from 100% to 35% in four hours I wasn't even very active on iPad Today I have been...
  38. panchucko

    U.S. residents - who bought a lottery ticket?

    looks like i will be at work on monday
  39. panchucko

    Where do u use your iPad

    mostly away from home, i really like my laptop so I use that when at home.