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    Tactical Sectors - new falling block game from Finland

    Hi, Okey. Sorry for that. Did not notice, but now it seems nice.
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    Tactical Sectors - new falling block game from Finland

    Tactical Sector is a new indie game from Finland. It is the developers first game on the App Store, so it would be nice to get some feedback as well. Description: Tactical Sectors is a unique game in the falling block game category...
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    List of new/interesting indie games

    Yea, I think that´s the hardest part of being an indie - you cannot tell about things, cause someone can copy or the rules of these Forums don´t allow it. I have been always interested about indie developers, cause the future is on them. I will contact you and sure I´m interested about your...
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    List of new/interesting indie games

    It would be really interesting to hear from you about interesting or new indie games. It´s quite hard to find them, cause the big studios always take all the media inches.
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    Kingdom Age: Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for the list :)
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    What is the most optimal way to marketing iPad games for an indie game developer ???

    An article I have worked out with the same problem, cause my brother is an indie coder. There is a list of timeline you should follow. 1) Begin game development 2) Launch Twitter feed 3) Announce project (press release to specialist sites and 4) Offer a limited...
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    what's your favourite game on the iPad?

    I´m From Finland and of course I´m still playing Angry Birds. The whole country seems to lose their minds for that. If you walk into a grocery store, every where you can find Angry Birds stuff in sale. When I look out from my apartment, there is an Angry Birds park on the other side of the...