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    Need chooseing the right screen protector and case for ipad3. please help.

    I don't use a screen protector simply because it cuts out some of the clarity, which is the whole reason for a having a rentina display. I don't have one on my iPhone either for the same reason and i have not any scratch for the past 12 months. Finally, the screen on both iPad and iPhone are...
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    Wifi connection problem

    I had and still have a similar problem with my iPhone. I was told by the apple store attendant that it could be a software problem between your device and that problematic wifi router. One suggestion, although a real hassle so I have not done it yet, is to do a clean wipe of your friend's new...
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    Seeing the "All Mail" folder of gmail email accounts in Mail app

    Why can't I see the "All Mail" folder of all my gmail accounts when using the iPad Mail app? I can see some of them, but not all. The reason to look at this folder is sometimes I have to read emails that I have inadvertently archived. I realise that I can always look for archived emails in the...
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    Personal hotspot for a wifi only New iPad

    I would like to turn my new iPad 3 into a personal hotspot using the wifi connection to the Internet. It sounds weird, but it is because I am only allowed to connect one device to my college wifi at any one time, so I cannot share my connection with other friends' devices or even with my laptop...