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    Uploading pictures on Facebook

    thanks works for my ipad2
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    How does the IPad choose between wifi and 3g

    thanks for this i was looking for this information for IPAD2. sorry for the redundant post folks
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    How does IPAD 2 deal with 3G and Wifi connection

    I found this link, i experimented and on my left hand corner it says the provider name "Rogers" and the Fan symbol no 3G. which means Wifi is connected not the 3G . And when i was not connected to the wifi the symbol "3G" was on...
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    How does IPAD 2 deal with 3G and Wifi connection

    First off, thanks guys for this awesome IPAD forums we have here very informative and i'm impressed, more power. It made my life easier to be an IPAD user. Anyways I have a 16Gb 3G IPAD2 and have data plan. My question is how does the IPAD2 decide on which one to use if both 3G and Wifi...
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    network drive

    I use file browser for pictures and buzz player for videos i have a dns 323 and wl700ge NAS, works well ,
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    Using a Portable Hard Drive to m IPad

    I was trying to get this on cyber monday but it was out of stock but it's what you need to have the ipad connect to your files if your not in your "home" network Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage Wi-Fi for iPad, Android, PC & Mac 500GB, Seagate Hard Drive, SIG Electronics
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    Post your Pet

    Here's My charlie he's a 1 yr old Bichon - Toy poodle mixed breed. Best adorable dog :)
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    Should I get an iPad 2 for Christmas or wait for the 3?

    I just got mine a few weeks for my bday and it's awesome got the 16gb 3g, awesome, i had those epad and playbook , but this blows them away anytime.
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    I use Buzz HD player and it works well on streaming movies from your network. this was recommended in this forum as well.
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    thanks , i read that buzz player is good on streaming UPNP but my dlink dns-323 has issues in streaming via upnp , i'll try good player and ace player , cheers, liking the ipad2 more now ,i have file browser but it does not recognized the video files but good for pictures and mp3.
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    Perfect sounds good, i read buzz player was good for streaming via UPNP but my DNS 323 dlink has issues streaming via UPNP. , let me try goodplayer and aceplayer. liking the ipad2 more :)
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    Thanks Donka will try
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    Noob here, i'm considering the following: looking to stream music and vid from Dlink NAS DNS 323 hoping to bypass using itunes , which do u recommend, appreciate the response, AvplayerHD - Buzz Player - Air player
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    New IPAD2 owner

    greetings folks, im now part of the ipad family , great forum you got here :thumbs: