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    iPad 3 24 bit audio capabilities

    The iPad is 24 bit/48khz capable The new iPad should record as high as 96khz if the supported hardware will allow. Focusrite UCX claims these specks and is iPad compatible. For sure you can obtain the 24bit 48khz right off but the problem begins when you want to remove the audio from the iPad...
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    Multitrack Recording on the iPad 2 and one. All your questions answered.

    Things are getting bright on the iPad recording front. I'm now using the new Apogee Mic and it is amazing. The first pure digital mic that by-passes the iPads internal audio converters and instead uses Apogees world renowned 24 bit converters @ 48khz and yes the iPad can record at 48khz if the...
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    Multitrack Recording on the iPad 2 and one. All your questions answered.

    Yes Garageband for ease of use and Meteor Multitrack if you want to dive into real DAW recording. Both offer tons of sounds to work with and are very exciting to use. Good luck.
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    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Got my iPad yesterday pretty easy. Just walked in London Drugs and they had just opened their shipment. I must say the new iPad is stunning. Every app comes to life. Colors I never knew existed. I've noticed twice to three times the speed on almost every app. Even my Meteor Multitrack recording...
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    Recording video while playing music

    Apps have limitatins :ipad-keyboard:Video recording apps like iMovie, Splice record audio as well as video so the new drum sound would be captured with the video but however you cannot have that same app recording the audio output of another app say your music player on your iPad. The reason...
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    Hi ipad2 first mac product music questions

    Synth Apps are not Plug-ins :ipad-keyboard:What your looking at your synth apps like Animoog which has great sounds and one would love to use those say in GarageBand is like a Plug-in but those apps are not written in code to share itself inside a recording app. Apps like GarageBand...
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    Stereo USB audio recording apps

    Multi input audio App and Devices :ipad-keyboard:The recording app that records more than one track at a time is Daw Multitrack Recorder. Link to their website from the app store for a list of tested USB audio input/output devices that work with this app.
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    STEREO audio input ?

    There are numerous audio recording devices available for the iPad through the camera connection kit and any USB iOS compliant device. The app that currently records more than one track at a time is Daw Multitrack. The units that currently work with this app are listed on their website at...
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    GarageBand for iOS Updated With Jam Sessions and Smart Strings

    This was just like getting a full string orchestra plugin for free and a pretty darn good sounding sample at that. I immediately began recording a new song that I have been waiting to record but needed more realistic strings than was on any of my iPad except maybe Music Studio which has pretty...
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    The "Anything Goes" thread

    My prediction for GarageBand for iPad. It has been noticed that although the app has enormous popularity and is the most seen app on YouTube, there seems to be very little updates on the app from customers requests and wish lists. I believe it is because Apple is gearing up for a release of a...
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    GarageBand for iPad 2 help

    It's a good idea to re-download GarageBand if your having input problems however don't forget that the input level of GarageBand iOS is controlled by the input sorce and not at the software level. If you use the Apogee One then apple has put in a new input software control that allows you to set...
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    Multitrack Recording on the iPad 2 and one. All your questions answered.

    GarageBand is an excellent choice to get back into music. You can get a quick idea down in no time at all. It is also powerful enough to produce some very good quality demos. Dont worry about pro stuff the best creative work right now is coming from these new devices. If you really want a...
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    Help please.

    Thanks found out how to change my avatar on line.
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    Multitrack Recording on the iPad 2 and one. All your questions answered.

    Enter this forum to engage in an in-depth look of the power of the new audio recording apps available for the iPad . As well as music creation apps which present the power of the pro software and getting better every month. The power of the iPad 2 as I have, allows these new apps to reach near...