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    Wifi issues for ipad 3

    I had issues initially that happened when trying to connect to my Netgear router. If I tethered to my phone, the wifi signal was fine so I went online and found that Netgear and Apple have long history of not always playing well together. I ended up buying an Airport Extreme and I get a signal...
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    Can't connect to wifi!!!!!!

    I do, I do! I'm having intermittent luck after changing so many things on the iPad and the router that I'm not sure what did it. I think it might have been giving the iPad a static IP. It's still not great. Is the Netgear a common problem? I will buy a new router if I know that it will...
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    Can't connect to wifi!!!!!!

    I seem to be having the same thing. It will connect, but it seems to drop the signal now and then. The router is new and the pc never skips a beat. Weird.
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    I can't get iTunes app to load on iPad

    I click on the icon on the home screen and the screen pops up with the chasing circle and it says "Loading..." but it never does anything. I can open the App Store and I have iTunes loaded on my computer. I can sync it, but the app won't open. This is my first Apple product. Am I missing...
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    Anyone hear anything about new/updated retina friendly apps?

    The title says it all. Is anyone aware of any new or improved apps that would really show off that beautiful screen? How about ideas for apps already out that will let this thing shine. Thanks Jared
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    How does release day go?

    I have never owned a single Apple product, but it's time to jump on board with the iPad 3. It's too much to pass up. My question is about what happens on the day it is released. There is only one Apple Store in Iowa so I if I want it that day I would have to make the two hour drive to Jordan...
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    New Member In the Market

    Hello, my name is Jared and I think I have a problem. I have been bitten by the iPad bug. Due to a recent "loan" I made to my wife, I will be purchasing an iPad sooner than I thought. I think I will be able to hold out until we see number 3 released. I have read online various people's...