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    Best way to add contacts from an excel sheet

    I got a excel sheet that has about 1800 contacts on them, how do I add them to my Ipad? Thanks
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    Any good app that can do this (Note App?)

    I like to have something where I can keep a file on someone, add picture, back it up to my PC and move it back from PC to Ipad if possible. Thanks
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    HELP.... Ipad stuck on apple logo..

    Nothing, still stuck on the apple logo :(
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    HELP.... Ipad stuck on apple logo..

    I jailbroke my ipad after I backed it up. Cydia wasn't installing anything so I decided to try to restore my backup and get cydia again, but after a backup restore my ipad is stuck on the apple logo. Thanks
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    Photo Manager?

    I can't find Photo Manager HD in the Apple Store at all :(
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    Photo Manager?

    Ok, I am sure this question has been asked, but I searched almost every term possible and didn't find anything. On Ipad2, the photos go to a default album, but you can make side albums. Now my question is. Is there any possibility or software out there to take the photo out of the default album...
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    Blank cydia?

    I have Jailbroken my ipad, vut when i open cydia and chose sections, nothing is there.
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    Putty on my Ipad?

    I am using my PC to connect to my Ipad using Putty, but I have never put a password for my Ipad. I know the name is your Ipad's username, but how do you get the password to connect? Thanks
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    HOW TO - Use Secure Shell (SSH) with the iPad

    i am trying this now, my /root username and password i dont know
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    Anyone use BoxorHD?

    i have it, but how do you chnage the larger icons on the scroll bar on the side? i have a few apps that I bought that I would like to add.I did make png inages for them, but from my PC, so moving them to my iad is difficult and then do I just switch the image in the current list?
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    Please Help.. I think my Ipad crashed

    I had cyndia on with the boxorHD theme, when I went5 to Ifile to delete boxorHD, I accidentally deleted the dreambox file and now its been on a spinning wheel screen for about 15 minutes.
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    IPad 2 which Case and bluetooth keyboad for my son???

    I was just going to ask this, alot of people like the orIgami.
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    network drive

    I got this setup through file browser, but when I click on my portable drive it says failed to emunate folder.
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    Using a Portable Hard Drive to m IPad

    Geez... Buying this thing was a mistake :( you can't do anything
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    Using a Portable Hard Drive to m IPad

    Is there a special kind I need to get? I have like 70GB of MP4 movies I wanna show on my ipad. Thanks
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    Portable hard drive on jailbroken ipad2

    Do i have to use sprintto view my sata drive? Thanks
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    Didn't ask me to reset..

    After I downloaded Cyndia from, it didn't ask me to reset my IPAD, is that normal? Thanks
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Starting to feel that it isn't coming.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Just read it.. Comex first response to his second is so different.. He invite is marked out No avtar on the chat And most notebly, comex igniated the chat.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    The second email is clearly a fake..
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    To comex defense the whole thing was made and then leaked. He cold be totally mad about the leak and just basically said screw it. He really owes nobody an explantion or apology.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Don't buy the email at all. Comex is getting abused on twitter, his email is probably filled and the guy who he chooses to give info too is the guy who released his work earlier? The same guy he called moron? Sorry something is fishy. Seriously if this isn't out today, don't look for It. Be...
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Maybe comex and multimedia will are the same or friends and laughing over all this.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Comex owes, you, me, or anyone else nothing. Not like he is under contract to do this. And yes, like I said I am ot looking for anything to come out, if it does its a bonus, if not, I am not disappointed.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I am too the point where I don't expect it at all, if it doe it's a bonus, if not I am not disappointed. I think a lot is going against ver 4.3.3 JB.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    It's simple.. It's comex work, he can tweet, brag, write about as much as he wants. Doesn't give anyone the right to steal his work.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    If there is comex version now..
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I may just wait for IOS 5. Starting to think you won't get a stable JB on this version.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Is comex releasing JB se in stone?
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    How to delete sync contact groups?

    Stupid me accidentally synced my outlook contacts to my ipad2. Now I have two groups, one called from PC. How do I delete the groups?
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I just put mine in a shoulder strap bookbag.. I figure if you need. Case for your iPad your not careful enough.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    This here is bad news IMO..
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I think you should close it for good, when jailbreak is release start a new one, until then let users read your news thread for updates.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Why do we continue to believe they owe us a ETA? These guys owe us nothing, in fact I am starting to think this won't be released until later this fall.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I'm thinking next Sunday which be awesome :)
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Greedy much? This guy is taking his time to do a lot of work for us, be patient man. I am sure he has other stuff going on outside jailbreak, plus it's fathers day.
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    Executable Hyperlinks

    Is there a office program that let's you open up hyperlinks in safari? Thanks
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    iTunes purchases

    How do I see my iTunes/apple purchases on my iPad? Thanks
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    Money back

    How hard is it to get money back on a paid app? I bought office 2 while I have docs to go, hoping office had hyperlinks, but I can't edit email docs in els format, so it's useless.
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    Hi All!

    Do any of these let you use hyperlinks and such? I have docstogo and I know it can't. Maybe Office2? Thanks